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1800+ rating Club
  • p_a_k_o at 2004-06-10

    After michael at last i reached 1800 :))Waiting for other players :))

  • David Scott at 2004-06-10

    unlike the Streetsoccer 1800+ club, I think there will be more “lifetime members” for the D&B version. I plan to be a member soon!

  • bla bla bla at 2004-06-10

    Yes in soccer is very hard to hold high rating usually i stay about 1700 but one day i fall down 100 points and another 100 up.And I'm sure that David you will have 1800 soon.

  • p_a_k_o at 2004-06-11

    bla bla you are very good in 4ir but in soccer you have something to learn.

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-06-14

    Streetsoccer can't be compared to a pure abstract game like 4ir, dots or chess. In streetsoccer there are dice that greatly influence the outcome, though skill does play a big part. Kind of like in backgammon.

  • Dansgek at 2004-12-16

    I'm coming up for 1800, have you got an empty seat in the club for me ?? ;)

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-12-16

    I think i should be able to get in it, but i'm playing not enough games *shy* Give me some extra time :P

  • Dansgek at 2005-01-04

    Lots of Dutch and Belgian Players are becoming members i guess…..

  • oord2000 at 2005-03-10

    I'm quite in i guess :)

  • Draakhan (on vacation) at 2005-03-15

    Hi, after 283 games I came here, just for a moment ;)

  • movieloverxxl at 2005-05-09

    Finally ;-) 77games played and finally member… Up to 1900 now :D i'm on my way

  • arno at 2005-08-07

    after 27 games i almost on the club, last i had a colour twist not very smart i've lose one the rest I won ;)

  • sean at 2005-10-04

    Hooray I am in the club right now at 1831. Hopefully I will not drop out of it any time too soon but only get higher up.

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