5x2 edge puzzle Dots and Boxes

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5x2 edge puzzle
  • wccanard at 2007-08-30

    Next I analysed the 5x2 edge: this comes up (in my games at least)

    more often than the 4x2 corner. Here's another one I would have

    got wrong. Again, this one is perhaps too hard for a human to

    solve completely rigorously, but I have always (recently at least)

    been playing 5x2s

    in a certain way and this puzzle shows (to me) that I've been doing it

    wrong: again I would have lost 13-12 playing against a computer

    from this position. Blue is three down but if the bottom region

    forms a chain then it's his. How to play so as to win the game?

    There are two winning moves and if anyone has played a game

    against me where such a region has showed up, they might well

    know how I play these positions, and the move I usually play

    in those 5x2 regions to “maximise the chain” isn't the right one!

    6 + + +-+-+-+      |r|b|b|5 +-+-+-+-+-+  |r|r|r|b|b|4 +-+-+-+-+-+  |r|r|r|r|b|3 +-+-+-+-+-+             2 + + + + + +             1 + + + + + +  a b c d e f


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