4x2 corner puzzle Dots and Boxes

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4x2 corner puzzle
  • wccanard at 2007-08-30

    A very basic 4x2 corner puzzle.

    6 + + +-+-+-+      |r|r|b|5 +-+-+-+-+-+  |r|r|r|r|b|4 +-+-+-+-+-+  |r|r|r|r|b|3 +-+-+-+-+-+          |b|2 + + + + +-+          |b|1 + + + + +-+  a b c d e f

    I just analysed the 4x2 corner in the same way (4x2 corner plus all

    short chain endgames plus possible super-long chain). Here's one

    that taught me something. Blue is 5 down but probably 1 long chain will form

    in the bottom left, and blue will get it. However, blue has to be careful:

    he has a unique winning move. What is it?

    This problem is probably hard for a human (the problem is computer-generated)

    to work out from scratch—but my guess is that expert players know from

    experience how to play this corner. I didn't though! My instinct would have

    been wrong—but I still have a lot to learn about this game. I would have been

    close though—I would have lost 13-12 with best play :-)


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