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Online strategy guide
  • Knox (Computer) at 2004-05-31

    You can find a lot of good dots and boxes strategy on

    the following page.

    Note that game described is for the 5 dot by 5 dot game

    on Yahoo (too small IMO). For 6 x 6 at littlegolem, the

    parity of the number of long chains you want is the

    opposite as the 5 x 5 game.

    The long chain rule: Let X be the total number of dots

    plus the number of long chains. The first player wants

    to make X even while the second player wants to make X odd.

    So for 6 x 6, the first player wants to make an even

    number of long chains while the second player wants an

    odd number.

  • Hjallti at 2004-06-03

    Note that it is the RED player wanting even long chains (except 0) and the BLUE wanting 0 or odd number of long chains

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