Comments on this game? Dots and Boxes

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Comments on this game?
  • Dvd Avins at 2007-04-02

    It was my turn to make move 22. I think, with perfect play, I was lost. I also think that after move 25, I was won. It was a different sort of ending than I've played before.

  • Hjallti at 2007-04-02

    I don't get move 24… red should have made the chain longer it seems and win the game.

  • Taral at 2007-04-02

    You are right in both assumptions, Dvd. In this position there is a very long chain, so whoever wins the chain fight wins the game, and it is impossible to prevent a chain in the 3×3 area in the upper left. However, red's 25th move is losing, since it fails to force a chain. For example b5-b6 instead of b4-b5 would have won.

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