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Championship games
  • Foul Ole Ron at 2006-12-07

    Let's revive this forum, even if the message is a bit spam-like…

    For those interested, I've created SGFs of all games of the latest championship (top league). You can view them with the RoomsPC application. Links to the games are on the RoomsPC page.

  • Loïc Boisnier at 2006-12-07

    The next championship will begins soon : we're waiting for 2 groups.

    In what group will begin a new very good player like arno ? He's 1950 after 2-3 weeks and have may be any chances on this championship.

  • christopher at 2006-12-07

    Arno is not a new player. He has played before under the same name over the summer back when I was a regular dots and boxes player here. He stopped playing and lots all of his games still in progress..(as I did also) and his rating dropped to the 1500's which is why I believe hes started a new account.

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