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RoomsPC analysis program
  • Foul Ole Ron at 2006-05-18

    Dus to lack of time and expertise the self-playing program will have to wait (or never appear), but at least I've written a nice little analysis program for D&B:

    RoomsPC. If interested, you can download it from

    It's only 60 kb - unless of course you haven't got the .NET 2.0 Framework yet ;-)


    - Platform: Windows (XP, 2000 yes - 98 and ME, dunno) with .NET framework 2.0

    - pasting of game notation LittleGolem and JijBent D&B-games

    - Variations: keep multiple playing lines in one file (anyone who has seen a Go SGF editor knows what it is)


  • Foul Ole Ron at 2006-12-19

    Please follow this link now:

    RoomsPC Page

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