analyser Dots and Boxes

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  • guzik at 2005-05-27

    do you know any analyser?

  • ypercube ★ at 2005-05-27

    analyzer about what? Do you mean a program that can play and analyze dots-and_boxes game ?

  • guzik at 2005-05-27

    yes I do

  • KnoxB (Computer) at 2005-05-27

    David Wilson has an analysis program. It can’t play a
    game but from an initial position, it will give you
    the perfect play results and let you step back and
    forth through the positions. How early of a position
    you can do this for depends on how much memory you have
    available on your system (the program eats up tons of
    disk space). The main page for this program is at

  • guzik at 2005-05-28


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