Can we Start The Third Championship NOW? Dots and Boxes

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Can we Start The Third Championship NOW?
  • Scot at 2005-02-07

    So... there’s only one game holding up the next dots championship. It’s in <a href=‘/jsp/tournament/tournament.jsp?’>League 3, Group 2, where Fast food and Jonathan are battling it out, but Fast food is on vacation. However, I don’t see why it should hold up 149 people from starting the third championship. I think that the outcome of the game has no effect on the group. Jonathan is stuck with the second spot. Fast food could possibly capture the seventh spot, but I suspect that this does not matter in who goes up or down in league number. Am I right? Can we (should we) petition Richard to start the next tournament? It seems that championships have begun before all game in the prior are complete (see GWG).

  • Scot at 2005-02-07

    Oops. Check out the right group: <a href=‘/jsp/tournament/tournament.jsp?’>League 3, Group 2

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2005-02-09

    Fast food has used up his vacation days now...;-)

  • ypercube ★ at 2005-02-10

    If Devil is right and fastfood has no vacation days then the game will be finished by Saturday night, around 12 o’clock. The championship will then begin next Saturday night. I think we can wait for a week. Some people know that there is a week between championships. And it’s not like the golem word game where a game can last forever. All Dots games finish in maximum, what, 40 moves?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2005-04-23

    I have not found any games here that lasted more than 42 moves. Maybe it is the maximum for “intelligent” play. The theoretical upper bound, assuming the players are not actually trying to win, seems to be 48 moves: There are 60 edges in total, and at least 13 of them must complete at least one box, giving a reduction of 12 in the number of moves. 13 comes from the fact that an edge can complete at most 2 boxes, and there are 25 boxes to be completed, so we get the smallest integer greater than or equal to 25/2.

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