Dots-and_Boxes available on Board Game Arena Dots and Boxes

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Dots-and_Boxes available on Board Game Arena
  • Miwarre at 2022-08-18

    Dots-and-Boxes is at last available on Board Game Arena, open for everybody to play.

    It implements the 3x5 boxes, 5x5 boxes and 5x7 boxes sizes; the 5x5 size also has a version with the pie rule as described by syLph on previous posts.

    Officially it is still in Beta, which means that some bugs may still surface, but none did in the last couple of weeks which is encouraging and, as I said, everybody with a BGA account can now play it.

  • Hussainx350 at 2022-09-13

    Hi Miwarre, thanks for your efforts. I've tried playing there and I think u did a good job and it was a fun experience.

    I just have a miniscule note about the naming of the lines. It's a nice addition to the game but I think if it was the same as here (numbered from below) it would be better for the long terms.

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