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The Shark Is Back
  • William Fraser at 2018-06-14

    I still haven't gotten a new ethernet cable, but I finally gave up and just started using the old one again.

    With any luck, it won't fall out before I get it replaced for good.

  • William Fraser at 2018-06-14

    I see that purgency and jj10 have challenged The Shark.  Enjoy!

  • _syLph_ at 2018-06-14

    Haha, I got beaten pretty badly. Welcome back. What does “is back” mean exactly?

  • William Fraser at 2018-06-14

    Oh, in March or so, Caroll let me know that the online Shark had stopped working.  It turned out that the problem was that the ethernet cable had come out.  So I tried to get around to putting a new end on the cable (being too cheap to buy a new one) so it wouldn't do that anymore, but it took me about 3 months before I decided to just plug it back in the way it was before (because the world computer olympiad is coming up next month).

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