On my loses Dots and Boxes

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On my loses
  • Sean_Hettenbach at 2017-10-27

    I would like to apologize on my recent unfinished games. About a month ago, my laptop crashed and I haven't been able to get it fixed since. I was trying to make moves whenever I could get my hands on a device but I had a stretch where I just couldn't get online. I felt my positions in all the games were solid and I was confident with where I was at, just unfortunate that I ran out of time on them. I will be taking a short break after I finish my last games until I can get my laptop fixed. These losses hurt me a little but I'm sure I can come back and keep pushing my rating when I return. looking to get to 1900 before the year comes to an end. We'll see! Thanks for all the great games you guys have supplied me with. I had fun and can't wait to come back for some more games. Study up guys, I won't be coming back soft!;)

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