Really Confused with this tournament... Dots and Boxes

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Really Confused with this tournament...
  • Sean_Hettenbach at 2017-09-07

    What's going on here? I thought that Dryad, and 7ics were Purgency's other accounts… And then the chickenlord is back???

  • urmaul at 2017-09-07

    It's a tournament between the winners of monthly cups from 2014. Once these “yearly cup” tournaments were added (early 2016?), tournaments like this began to start retroactively, even if all qualified accounts hadn't been online for 10 years. (…But maybe you knew this, I don't know.)

  • Sean_Hettenbach at 2017-09-07

    ahhhh, gotcha. Interesting… I think it should get fixed, because if they are rating effective, then it's just dead points floating around for whoever is still active.

  • urmaul at 2017-09-08

    I agree, it should have been fixed. There have been many forum threads about it (and at least one unanswered private message to the webmaster). But, yes, I'm using this website for free. Now the worst part is over, anyway.

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