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no comment
  • michael at 2004-08-13

    Take a closer look at <a target=‘_new’ href=“”>#209505 and <a target=‘_new’ href=“”>#209540

    Who is the middle man? ..sigh..

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-08-13

    You and Knox will have to try to run him out of time. :-)

  • Jupp at 2004-08-13

    Interesting – looking at it – how You will counter this strategy?

  • Knox (Computer) at 2004-08-14

    Unfortunately this is in the championship tournament.

    Also, Tas.Devil’s idea of running him out of time won’t
    work. The middle man has two separate clocks. If
    Michael were to wait a long while before replying, then
    MM’s (middle-man’s) clock in the game with me would be
    running simultaneously. If I then waited a long time,
    MM’s clock in the other game with Michael would be running.
    We can’t “gang up” on the same clock.

    I’ll send a message to LittleGolem’s webmaster (Richard M.)
    about this.

  • michael at 2004-08-18

    moves are different now :-)

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