This is really odd StreetSoccer

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This is really odd
  • Jonathan N. at 2018-08-14

    Why is everyone resigning to hecheng830 in this tournament?

  • Jonathan N. at 2018-08-14

    Here is a link:

  • I miss DVONN at 2018-08-14

    Because everyone in that tournament is hecheng830.

    He/she/it has set up similar tournaments with the same accounts in other games as well:

  • Diletto at 2018-08-20

    I also noticed two completely new accounts joining the latest Streetsoccer monthly cup competition. Both were created on the same day, one supposedly from Argentina, the other from France. Neither of them reacted to any comment from me in Spanish or French respectively. I hesitate to just accuse new players outright, but let's face it, 2 new players joining at the same time from two different continents in the same competition is a bit curious, on a site with its popularity in decline. If I am correct in thinking these are accounts created by one person, this not only ruins fair competition by using multiple accounts, but also tanks a player's rating when losing against these accounts which are more experienced then their rating suggests. I hope I am not correct in my suspicions, but hecheng830/erset/log222/game2two's behaviour informs me that this kind of cheating does occur.

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