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some info from the StreetSoccer author
  • Cwali at 2018-05-13

    I played a ‘Monthly Tournament’ and won and
    I don’t understand the new interfaces yet. Did I win November?

    Still great to play StreetSoccer. We made another great game: Roll To The Top!. Dice game too. Totally different. Similar in the sense that it too has both an extremely high luck factor and extremely high skill factor. :) Have a try at

    At the moment I run a Kickstarter campaign for Habitats and Factory Funner&Bigger which is in its last hours today. As author of StreetSoccer at this free Littlegolem site I think I can advertise this:

  • William Fraser at 2018-05-13

    Yes, Cwali, you won the November, 2017 monthly cup.  As soon as the December cup finishes (it looks like enough people qualified in the first round that they had to have a second round to whittle it down to one group for the third and final round), you’ll be placed into the 2017 finals.

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