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2004 tournament final
  • Rune Berge at 2016-04-03

    So, I haven't been playing on this site in almost 10 years, but suddenly I received an email saying it was my turn in several games. After logging in I find that it is because the final round of a 2004 tournament I apparently participated in has just begun… Is this a bug, or has this tournament been going on for 12 years? :)

  • Steven Pedlow at 2016-07-06

    It is something new.  All the monthly winners from 2004 were invited to a 2004 “Final” tournament. So you have the chance to be the 2004 champion rather than just a 2004 monthly champion.  2005, 2006, and 2007 have also been started (one a month until caught up?).

  • ypercube ★ at 2016-07-06

    And the 2002 and 2003 finals as well, for those games that had been introduced those years.

  • wccanard at 2016-07-06

    Does this mean I'll get invited to play in a dots and boxes final when we get to 2009 or so?

    Should someone tell Ed Collins for his FAQ?

  • William Fraser at 2016-07-06

    I guess I'd better keep the shark warmed up…..

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2016-07-07

    I lost half of my games in the 2005 final for Reversi 10x10 because I did not log in, in certainty that I was not qualified for any upcoming tournaments. (Incidentally, I was black against all the three players who ever made a move in that tournament.) And yet I have all vacation days intact? Perhaps everybody had all their vacation days restored when the site was down or something?

  • ypercube ★ at 2016-07-07

    Yes, the vacation days were restored a few days ago.

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