Is the red/yellow player black or white? StreetSoccer

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Is the red/yellow player black or white?
  • Frank (frs) at 2003-08-05

    The “list of moves” confuses me.

    Is the red or the yellow player black or white?
    (And who am I? :-)

    Any volunteers to update LG’s games rule pages or the FAQ?

    Rio focus seems to be to make new game available, not to document or explain the already existing ones ...

  • Frank (frs) at 2003-08-05

    ... seems to be more interested to make new game ...

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2003-08-06

    I have permission to add this game on this server. I have no permission to public rules. CWALI ( has right to protect rules. You can

  • buy this game
  • try some game sites: is great

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