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Cool Strategy / Move Names
  • Talizess at 2010-02-19

    Perhaps it is some funny stuff for the soccer guys ?

    I forgot most names I thought by myself inside the game,
    but now I want to start listing famous situation.
    Well known formations. Great moves and other stuff.

    Starting with the

    - Four players in a row in defense row 2 middle
    - nearly unbreakable formation
    - also a kind of soccer style means that the whole game seems to aim such an defense formation if it is feasible.
    Perhaps someone has a game link. If i remember right there were some games of Honved and Nacional Montevideo on an other game site.

    - offense and defense move between ball and goal in the corner row 2
    Defense example :

    Hope to collect some more moves...

  • MichaeI X at 2010-02-20

    #1155604 Hurricane_Power vs. klaashaas
    Move: 33
    y r
    r1 y y r
    y r
    y1 r b

    How would you call this one ?

  • Figilano at 2010-02-20

    One-sided? ;)

  • Gregorlo at 2010-02-20

    Hadrian’s Wall? :-)

  • kilokhan at 2014-05-01

    We better call it Berlin Wall. It cracked in the last minutes

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