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Illegal position and how to deal with it...
  • Ronald Lokers at 2003-11-19

    In one of my games, my opponent placed two men in his own box. There was one man there already and the other he used to kick the ball from the goal line (his keeper was far away). Then the last one shifted towards the middle so there were two men next to eachother in the box. I still scored and he promised to move one out on his very next move so there was no problem for me, but what should I do if my opponent does this and it IS a problem for me? Perhaps Richard should code in a check that you can’t move a second man into the box?


  • Ricardo (Santos) ★ at 2003-11-19

    Please, could you post a link to the game?

  • Berry at 2003-11-19

    Why is it illegal to have 2 players in the box, I havn’t read the rules, but surely if the move was illegal then it would not be possible, otherwise it is a fair move.

  • Petura at 2003-11-19

    1)Only the keeper may move to one of the two spaces in front of his goal. (Except if there is a ball)
    2)Only one outfielder can be in the 2 spaces in his own penalty area.
    I think that the player should be shifted outside the penalty area, it is bug. It means your opponent played correctly. But the “shift rule” is not implemented correctly.

  • Tore S at 2003-11-19

    I think this is the position just before the move Ronald talks about.

  • Ronald Lokers at 2003-11-20

    Correct. On the next move there are two outfielders inside the box, which is illegal by the rules. In the boardgame rules the player kicking away the ball would shift to the outside, and end up outside of the box. Here however he shifts towards the middle and stays in the box...

  • Tore S at 2003-11-20

    In my opinion the movement towrads the middle is an improvement on the boradgame rules as it makes the game more vivid.

    The player should be moved to first legal field. In this case one move further towards the middle.

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