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'worldchampionship' StreetSoccer
  • FC Cwali at 2003-10-21

    Next sunday 26 october 12:00 is the second ‘worldchampionship’ StreetSoccer (ofline).
    Last year Arne became ‘worldchampion’.
    Place: at games-fair Spiel-2003 in Essen (Germany). Booth 10-17 (see place of booth at www.cwali.com ).
    Tournament: Knock-out-system.
    Prize: a trophy.

    Hope to see players from this site there,

  • FC Cwali at 2003-10-28

    In the “StreetSoccer” ‘worldchampionship’ sunday we were with 8 players. Last year’s worldchampion Arne Hofmann did not ‘qualify’. Most of the players you may know from this site.
    Here the results of the knock-out-tournament.

    Quarter-finals (drawn random):
    Monique – Jeroen 4-3
    Ronald H. - Uwe 4-3
    Ronald L. - Marco 5-2
    Corné - Jon 2-0

    So I won my quarter-final, but all my players became ill ... I had too much to do in my booth at Spiel-2003 so my opponent Jon Power played in the semi-finals.

    Monique – Ronald H. 6-2
    Ronald L. - Jon 4-2

    Many goals so far and close matches. The 4-2 semi-final was 2-2 first.

    The final was very exciting. Ronald Lokers took the lead and even made 0-2, but supported by the yelling crowd Monique Stap made 1-2 and in the second-last minute 2-2. In the 5th minute of extra-time (that is move 61 or 62 in the game-stats on this site) Monique even scored the winning

    Next sunday 12:00 in Eindhoven at games-fair “SpellenSpektakel” I try to defend my “StreetSoccer” Dutch Champion title.


  • FC Cwali at 2003-10-28

    So, for the neath stats:

    Monique – Ronald L. 3-2 (golden goal)

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