The Stands are Filling with Excited Fans StreetSoccer

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The Stands are Filling with Excited Fans
  • dj at 2003-09-29
  • dj at 2003-09-29

    I can smell the beer, the hotdogs cooking, the popcorn popping.
    The shuffle of the crowd jostling for a good place in line. The banners are flying, the sky is clear.

    And the tourney is still over a day away.

    By the way, Exactly what time of the day will the tourney start. What time zone, and at what instant can I reconsider and rejoin the tourney.

    It is Monday night September 29, at about 8:40pm PDT in California. I believe that makes it about 4:40am GMT. Do the grenwhiches have daylight savings time, and if so does that affect anything.

    Meaningwhile the crowd roars its approval as the skydivers practice jumping into the stadium while all the teams try to practice till the last second.

    Oh the Joy!

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