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Rating change ...
  • Burton at 2003-09-29

    There no rating change for me. Only for opponent.

    Game #84897 is finished.
    Peter ‘Burton’ Chovanec vs. Robert Cvercko 4:1
    Peter ‘Burton’ Chovanec old rating: 1546 newrating: 1546
    Robert Cvercko old rating: 1500 newrating: 1493

    Thanks for answer.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2003-09-29

    Because you are an established player, and he is a new player. HTH.

  • Burton at 2003-09-30

    And what abou this?

    Peter ‘Burton’ Chovanec vs. Lody 5:0
    Peter ‘Burton’ Chovanec old rating: 1546 newrating: 1549
    Lody old rating: 1478 newrating: 1466

    Me +3
    Opponent -12

    May be he’s new player too, bat what does it means? How many games must be closed not to be a new player?


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