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Missing Player
  • kierownik at 2003-09-03

    My opponent is missing a player. He already mailed the webmaster but still no response. can anyone help us.


  • klaashaas at 2003-09-03

    His player probably got send off with a red card. Reason: diving (schwalbe).

  • FC Cwali at 2003-09-03

    It looks like he disappeared under the grass a long time ago by receiving the ball. While we used a smaller football (relatively) at that time. Today I have a few players on the transfer-free-list.

  • kierownik at 2003-09-03

    can you give him his player back? i offerd a draw because this is not fair play playing like this

  • unique ★ at 2014-06-14

    I could only place 2of 3 players in game #1643371      I don't see a contact/info link for the site God.   Please help asap.  Mucho gracias.

  • unique ★ at 2014-06-14

    situation resolved.  cease panic. thank you.

  • Steven Pedlow at 2014-06-16

    With regard to the original game, in move 16, it seems the red player moved to kick the ball and was allowed to kick the ball to where his “missing” player was.  The red player chose this spot and the ball “replaced” his player, leaving him one player short for the remainder of the game.  Everybody, please be on the lookout to not place the ball “over” a player!

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