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Bug ?
  • Thomas ★ at 2003-08-14

    Maybe I have found a bug in the implementation of the game.
    It might not be so important, but I think I should report it:
    In the game 69494 (Thomas : Nagy) I moved a player from field bf to bc in turn #40.
    Then it displayed the fields to kick the ball, including ea (in the goal of the opponent),
    but I can’t see how the ball can be played there. You must use all points you have to kick the ball,
    and not end before, so the field ea should be not reachable, even not by playing the ball over other players.
    I could play to fa, which also scores a goal, so it doesn’t make a difference, but maybe there is something wrong with the implementation...?

    Or maybe it is implemented this way deliberately, to show a field inside the goal to the player when he can score a goal?

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2003-08-14

    You can not use all points.

  • FC Cwali at 2003-08-14

    If you score a goal, then you don’t have to use all pips on the die. The goal net stops your hard shot. (But Sometimes the goal goes through the goal net.)

  • Thomas ★ at 2003-08-15

    I didn’t know this. Thanks.

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