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Can't move in Street Soccer
  • Patrick Moore at 2003-08-08

    I am unable to move in the following game:

    It allows me to click to place my goalie, but the goalie doesn’t show up, nor do any red squares show for me to kick the ball to.

    I have had no problems on any other games.


  • FC Cwali at 2003-08-09

    Now you should place the keeper in one of the 2 spaces in front of your goal. Doesn’t that work?? See the keepers in other matches.
    You placed your keeper really IN your goal, but there it doesn’t have influence in the game.

    Sorry that there are no rules with example-pictures online at the moment. Maybe later. See now for the rules the message StreetSoccer-rules in this forum.


  • Patrick Moore at 2003-08-09

    Well when I put my keeper on the red squares it opens a new page and says kick the ball. The keeper does not show up where i clicked nor does the squares where i may kick the ball turn red.

  • FC Cwali at 2003-08-09

    Sounds like a real bug. I have no idea why that happens in your game. Place keeper and kick ball into the field again seems to go right in all other games. Maybe you demaged the goal-net with your keeper so far IN your goal. ;-)

  • klaashaas at 2003-08-09

    I have that too in a game against mirrorman. I can’t move, and richard is aware fo that (messaged it to him a few days ago). I think he’s tracking down the bug.

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