Bug? - WHO is Allowed in the Two Spaces by the goal? StreetSoccer

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Bug? - WHO is Allowed in the Two Spaces by the goal?
  • Scot at 2003-08-08

    The Cwali site says “Only the keeper may move to one of the two spaces in front of his goal.” However, look at <a href=‘http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/game/game.jsp?gid=68598&nmove=37’>move 17 in game 68598.

  • klaashaas at 2003-08-08

    English isn’t my favorite language, but as far as I know...

    "Only the keeper may move to one of the two spaces in front of his goal."

    ...doesn’t equal...

    "The keeper may only move to one of the two spaces in front of his goal."

  • klaashaas at 2003-08-08

    Oops, forget my previous comment. You are right. This could be a bug.

  • FC Cwali at 2003-08-08

    The precise rule is:
    If the ball is in one of the two spaces in front the goal (that’s the situation in your example), then outfielders may shoot the ball there. (Otherwise you can make that your opponent can’t ever kick the ball.) But after playing the ball you shift this player one space towards the opposite goal. If that space is occupied, then you shift one space to the nearest sideline.
    So that shift of the used player is missing in the picture. I wonder if the other player gets the new picture with his new die-roll with the player shifted?? Otherwise it is sure a bug. But if the other space in front of the goal can’t become occupied by the keeper (or by an other defending player), then it is a bug which changes the game but doesn’t make the game impossible to play further.

    I will try moves in my next turns to see how the "Anti kill-joy rules are implemented.


  • Scot at 2003-08-08

    So... The ‘precise wording’ is only available to SOME people.

    Richard explans that he does not have permision to post the rules and that we have two options. As it turns out, there is only one option which is to buy the game and rules.

    So could it possibly be that the Corné that has the precise wording is THE Corné van Moorsel who could give permission to have the rules on-line, but refuses?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love StreetSoccer and I plan on continuing to play without rules. However three things stink about the situation:
    -I would have pay if I want to see the rules.
    -The guy who says I would have to pay shows up and taunts me with 'the precise wording.'
    -The situation makes it LG look like a money-making venture contrived to hook game adicts like me and then hit me with the bill (a lot like IYT!)

  • klaashaas at 2003-08-08

    I agree with Scott. The precise rules (complete) should be available for every player. I really hope this (what appears to be a copy-right thing) gets solved soon.

  • Dvd Avins at 2003-08-08

    What do you mean “taunts”?

    I agree it would be better if the rules were posted, but I can see why Corné might not allow that. It’s up to him, and it’s up to Richard whether to have the game here anyway. If that’s they way things are, IMO it would be better if Richard explaiend on the “rules” page that due to respect for intellectual property, a complete explanation of the rules is only available in the physical copy of the game.

    But if you thik Corné was <a href="http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=taunt"taunting you, you’re reading a lot more into his post than I could.

  • Ricardo (Santos) ★ at 2003-08-08

    It think it is quite nice to practice “learning by doing” as well. It is also great that Corne is here to answer our questions...

  • FC Cwali at 2003-08-09

    I will explain what happened:

    2 days ago I got an email from one of the players here that he played it here and asked where to buy the game.
    So I looked on this site and saw the game. The last time I mailed with Richard about StreetSoccer-online was 3 months ago or so. I was okay with it and had sent him the graphics but didn’t know that he was ready with it. I see here that I didn’t give permission for placing the rulebook, and I’m sure I said that I didn’t like to place the rules on internet. But I really don’t remember that issue so much. In first instanse I liked the idea of StreetSoccer-online because I wanted to play against players from different countries with who I mailed about this game. I saw it as something for players who know the game already. I didn’t know so much about this site. (But I’m very happy now to see that I misinterpreted that and that there are many new players!)

    The question which was asked in this thread about a bug is about 1 of the 4 anti-kill-joy-rules. I could have placed those 4 rules in my StreetSoccer-rules message too, but I saw in the matches already a few differences to my rulebook and wondered if and how those 4 rules are implemented in the computer-program. And placing those rules plus the changes to the original game, without knowing if there are more changes or bugs, that would lead to a confusing StreetSoccer-rules message.

    So I want to make complete rules to place on this site, but then I must know the precise rules in this online-version.
    Thereby a few things could be better in these rules in my opinion (if possible in the software), like in case of the first turn and ‘keeper-kick’ after a scored goal.
    I mailed Richard about this last days, but didn’t get reply yet. So I think it will just take some time. I understand that this start can lead to irritations and hope you will like the game despite these startproblems! I am playing matches too and like it very much here! Although some things could improve, like Richard wrote here too (about the picture-size).

    As long as not everything is clear about this online-StreetSoccer-version:
    I can answer all questions here, as far as I understand this version.

    An example to show that it is not so easy at the moment for me to tell the rules of this online version:
    My StreetSoccer-rules say that you are not allowed to score a goal at the kick-off turn. In boardgames (I mean without computer) that rule is interpreted by players as that you cannot shoot the ball into the goal in the first turn. In this online-version you can, but the goal doesn’t count. And I think that in online-versions one general rule is higher than the rules of the game in case of a conflict. That is: everything the computer allows you to do, is allowed to do.

    And to come bag to the issue of an outfielder who kicks the ball in front of the goal. In case of a defender it would not be a bad rule if that figure can stay there AND the keeper cannot go to the other space in front of the goal as long as the outfielder is in the goal. (Moving it away direct can look unnatural.) But the rule is moving it away, because then that rule is equal for outfielders of both teams into the goal-spaces of one goal, to hold the game easy.


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