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1800+ rating Club
  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-02-25

    After Corne (who is almost constantly above 1800), myself and Gerard (both of us only stayed above 1800 a very little while), now Petr Trojek is the 4th I know of that has a rating above 1800… Congrats!

  • Petura at 2004-02-25

    Thanks :) To reach 1800 is one thing, the second (and much more difficult) thing is to keep rating above 1800 :) Corne is already more than 2 months above 1800, really unbelievable!

  • Ricardo (Santos) ★ at 2004-02-25

    Congratulations Petr! I think it is amazing to reach 1800, just thinking of how fast it goes down the higher up you are!

  • antkam at 2004-02-25

    Good things come in pairs! Right after Petr (congratulations!), my good friend tonywu became the 5th player to cross the 1800 boundary. In fact, as of this moment (Feb 25, 1:40pm Boston USA time), his 1808 rating is above corne's 1806! I dont remember when was the last time corne was NOT at the top of the list!

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-03-19

    Today my rating peaked at 1817 before I lost some games again… I even lost 8 points on a game I won 3-2 (well, it was a tie in which I scored the last goal). So Corne, you're safe again… but one day I WILL overtake you! ;-)

  • FC Cwali at 2004-03-31

    It's empty now in the 1800+ club house. While 1700+ is nescecary last time for the top-10.

    My left wing made a blunder that caused a draw and finaly I lost in extra time, what costed ca. 25 points.

    My games in progress now are 2-1, 2-1, 1-0, 1-0, 2-2, 1-1, 1-1 and 0-0.

    I want to stay in the top-100. :-)

  • FC Cwali at 2004-04-01

    And after a few lost games in extra time, Petr Trojek took the lead again.

    I regretted some choices in my games. 'Normally' my bad choices turned out to work good. :-)

    The top-10 within 38 points now. And the top-15 within 53 points.

    Who will take the lead too?


  • FC Cwali at 2004-04-14

    Tigis has 1801 now. And very good matches stats.

    Once you need 1800 for a top-10 position?

  • Mac S at 2004-04-28

    Gerard is on 1851 right now… is that a record?

  • Mac S at 2004-04-28

    Never mind… I just checked Corne's rating history and he was over 1875 for a while. So Gerard still has some work to do (he's 3-1 up against me in the final of August MC so he might score some more points).

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-05-01

    antkam made the 1800+ club too! Right now he's 1803.

  • tonywu at 2004-05-01

    Congratulations antkam, my good friend, you finally also get here. And currently, there are 4 players above 1800. I think it is not too far away from day which we need 1800+ to be ranked in top 10.

  • antkam at 2004-05-01

    thanks Ronald and tony for the congrats. it's ironic that when i reach 18xx i am ranked 4th, but a few weeks ago i was ranked 1st at only 1775 (IIRC). to me, this means the ratings still fluctuate very wildly for each individual player. right now we have <10 players who have ever reached 18xx, but because of the fluctuations, we probably need a pool of 20+ players who can reach 18xx, before 10 or them would reach it _at the same time_! so i think we are still far from the day when top 10 requires 18xx – i would be surprised if that happens in 1 year, for example.

    in fact, given the amount of luck in streetsoccer, i would not be surprised if the “stable” or “asymptotic” distribution of ratings among all players never reaches the stage when the top 10 are 18xx. thinking more, i suppose it is a function of the total number of players too. so maybe we'll get to top 10 18xx, not because we play better, but because there are more newbies to beat up on! :)

  • Tore S at 2004-05-01

    This will depend on the number of total players. Currently there are 386 players in the rating list. Number of players above a certain level is dependent on total number and the standard deviation.

    I am not too good at maths around this, but my guess is that we will have all top players above 1800 when total number of players reaches 600.

    I am sure some statician will correct me:)

  • tonywu at 2004-05-25

    well, i see that it seems not easy to get 1800+. but rating of top players do increasing. few months ago, you surely get into top 10 with 1700+. but today, you probably need 1730 or even 1740+ for top 10.

  • tonywu at 2004-05-28

    I am back again ;)

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-06-04

    A new member to the club: Dennis Carter has a rating above 1800! Congrats!

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-06-07

    And suddenly it's going fast: Goober crossed 1800 too.

  • tonywu at 2004-06-08

    personal record - 1831 ;)

  • Tore S at 2004-06-08

    Count me in!!!


  • Tore S at 2004-06-08

    So I reached 1823, but only for a couple of hours. Julien brought me down 25 points again :(

  • simon craddock at 2004-06-09

    1803 Can i join now??

  • Tore S at 2004-06-09

    Welcome!! Glad I could help :)

  • simon craddock at 2004-06-14

    1800 back again,but for how long this time.Last time i peaked at 1846.

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-06-17

    Just a recap: these are the current members of the club:

    FC Cwali


    Ronald Lokers

    Petr Trojek




    Dennis Carter


    Tore Sandmark

    simon craddock

    How soon will it be a list too long to maintain? In which case we should establish a 1900+ club perhaps… Number of members: 0 so far! Come on, Corne, what's taking you? ;-)

  • FC Cwali at 2004-06-17

    And Neptun: 1804

    In my 8 matches now I lead in 6, 2 are equal (0-0 and 1-1). That would make it close to 1900.

  • tonywu at 2004-06-17

    There are more joining, but seems only Cwali able to stay there. The average rating of top ten is continued growing, you will needed 1850+ to get a place now.

  • tonywu at 2004-06-17

    I mean 1750+ :P

  • FC K6J at 2004-06-22

    It took a long while, but I've finally made it into the 1800+ club, too. I'll have to savour this moment. :o)


    - Arne -

  • antkam at 2004-07-07

    Now that we have more than 10 members in the 1800+ club, I propose a contest:

    Guess the exact date when, for the first time ever, every top-10 player will have rating 1800 or higher.

    My guess: I think it will take about another year. So I'm gonna pick arbitrarily June 7, 2005, which is my birthday. :)

    Some approximate statistics that might be relevant:

    For almost half a year now, we have added on average 1 or 2 new members to the 1800+ club per month. We need quite a large pool of club members before 10 of us can be above 1800 at the same time. This is especially hard since we beat up each other so often! ;) (Please, no beating up on newbies just to reach the magic date…)

    I have not tracked carefully, but the 10th ranked player's rating seems to have risen by 5-10 points per month. Right now it's around 1740-1750. By this estimate we will reach 1800 in half to one year, but I am on the pessimistic side.

    Anyone else cares to guess?

  • Marius Halsor at 2004-07-08

    I'll make a guess. One important aspect to consider, is not only how many has been above 1800, or how fast the 10th best player is, but how many players have a “high” rating, let's say above 1650.

    The reason for this is that street soccer is such an even game, that playing against a much lower rated opponent is, on average, bad for your rating. At least that's my guess. Also, these high rated players are the ones with a possibility to reach 1800 soon.

    I think that recently, many players have increaced their rating and entered the “high rating”-area. This will, according to this hypothesis, lead to all top 10 players having above 1800 in rating too.

    Another aspect: Some players (like myself) almost only play in the championship. Thus, when the next championship will start surely will have an influence on when all top 10 players are above 1800.

    I guess that sometimes during the next championship, all top 10 players will be above 1800. To pick an arbitrary date, I'll guess November 6th 2004 - which is MY birthday! :-)

    Who's next on the guessing list?

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-07-08

    I will agree with Marius. Unforunately my birthday is in about two weeks from now (24th of July) so it's not good for this estimate. In another thread I had conjectured that we will reach 222.222 games by then. Let's see.

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-07-09

    I think it will take a lot longer, at least when there are a lot of players like me: I play a lot of tournaments and I don't really care about the rating of my opponents. It's true that playing against low-rated opponents costs a lot in the long run because you will lose a game or two. But I'm not playing to get my rating above 1800, I'm playing to have fun. I'm pretty sure that if I would play to get above 1800 I could accomplish it. I've done it already twice… but with my style of playing (meaning: playing a lot) it's really hard to stay there. Unless you pick your opponents…

  • Tim Sharrock at 2004-07-09

    I have certainly enjoyed playing against members of the 1800+ club (I think I have now met about half of you in tournaments). I have learned a great deal, but, of course have much more to learn!

  • Super Chicken at 2004-07-13

    Hei… I don't understand this 1800+ club!!

    Actually I'm the 4th (just for few hours, for sure!) but I'm under 1800 pts.

    Just 3 persons are over 1800! It seems very… dynamic!

  • tonywu at 2004-07-13

    my bet on date all top 10 players are 1800+ is Jan 17, 2004. i think most important factor is about our rating is the total number of players. If the number keep growing, top rating will keep go up.

  • Marius Halsor at 2004-07-13

    I agree, the number of players are important. The more players we have, the more will be above 1800.

    But a high GROWTH in the number of players will have a negative effect on the number of players above 1800, I think. This is because these new players with 1500 in rating will “steal” more rating points form the top players than they will give back.

    Ofcourse, when the growth stops, we will just have gotten more players, which in turn will give us more players above 1800 - in the long run.


  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-07-19

    Heh…. right now there's NOBODY above 1800 rating ;-)

  • antkam at 2004-08-01

    and suddenly, there are 5 players in 1800+ again! welcome to our newest member, Mister Marty, who amazingly achieved 1800+ after only 79 completed games. wow… would that be a record?

  • Huw Rees at 2004-08-02

    all this statistical speculation very interesting. i.ve just

    won a string of games, and my rating has reached 1743. i'd like to know where i stand overall. there are loads of you who obviously do this regularly - how do you see a list of player in rating order?

  • Huw Rees at 2004-08-03

    no need to answer - iworked it out myself

  • antkam at 2004-08-20

    welcome to Alan, who's at the top with 1832 right now.

    also, the 10th place has crept up to 1761, which is the highest i can remember (but i dont check very often). when will the entire top 10 be 18xx? by whose birthday will it happen? :) mine, Marius' or tony's?

  • Alan at 2004-08-20

    Thanks Antkam,

    I will enjoy it while it lasts! If I am still in the top ten by my birthday (July 18th) I will be happy.

  • Jupp at 2004-09-09

    As not-member and observer a question: What's more difficult - Rating 1800 or a winning score around 60%? ;)

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-09-09

    of course 1800+ is more difficult!

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-09-22

    I was wrong… I MADE IT!!!

    I have now 1808!

    Not for long…. BUT I HAVE IT!

  • Enrico at 2004-09-30

    After 254 finished games I reached the Top 10 for the first time yesterday. Hurray!!!

    I already needed 1767 points to get there. A few hours later that score wasn't even enough for top 10 and I dropped with my 1767 points to 11th place…

    The date when every top 10 player needs 1800+ is getting closer and closer. I think it will be december 16 (my birthday)!

  • tonywu at 2004-09-30

    at this moment, you needed 1770+ to be rank in top 10!!

  • antkam at 2004-09-30

    yes, the 10th rating has been increasing steadily. however, as of this moment, the top player passenger, with a rating of 1871, is on a self-declared experiment to manipulate the rating. so the top 10 rating is artificially inflated just a tiny bit by him. i hope he will reach 1900 soon so that he will stop his experiment!

    for a discussion of his experiment, see his posts (starting 2004-09-22) on this thread: http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/forum/topic.jsp?forum=100&topic=235

  • tonywu at 2004-09-30

    well, passenger experiment is affecting a little bit. but it will end on 10/10 and not end by reaching 1900. i guess he cannot make it… ;)

  • tonywu at 2004-10-03

    suddenly, you need 1779 to get into top 10!!!

  • antkam at 2004-10-04

    congrats to Teemu, our newest member, at exactly 1800.

    10th place now 1772.

  • Teemu at 2004-10-05


    But, well, my visit at 1800 didn't last very long.

    I don't think anyone has mentioned steve1964 as a member yet?

  • antkam at 2004-10-05

    I don't think anyone has mentioned steve1964 as a member yet?

    haha, talk about forgetting the obvious! :) steve's so good we must have all thought he had been an 18xx before! :)

  • Enrico at 2004-10-07

    1784 is already needed. A lot of players are very close to eachother…

  • tonywu at 2004-10-09

    now, there are 6 1800+ in top 10. i guess you need 1800+ on top 10 is coming soon. may be even in 1 days!!!

  • FC Schalke 05 at 2004-10-09

    six players 1800+ (not regarding passenger, then 7) at the moment.

  • tonywu at 2004-10-11

    hm… passenger ending his experiment. but only able to put top 10 up to 1791. and not 1800+.

    may be we still needed to wait a while. ;)

  • FC Schalke 05 at 2004-10-14

    At this moment 8 players with 1800+ in the top ten!

  • Enrico at 2004-10-14

    And again 8 players in top 10 with 1800+! I join the 1800+ rating club too now.

  • firenze at 2004-10-22

    this is perhaps he first time that there are 9 players over 1800 points. and i am among them! (temporarily)


  • firenze at 2004-10-22

    i think i am the 18th member of the 1800+ club, with a personal best of 1817 points. what are the personal bests of the club members?

    by the way, you need now 1790 points to be in the top 10 – and you have to be FC Cwali for that… :D

  • p_a_k_o at 2004-10-22

    I've reached 1800 yesterday and now i'm 1830 (my personal best)

  • firenze at 2004-10-23

    ok my personal best for some time is 1849 :D now start the moderate freefall…

  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-10-26

    After being 1800+ for the 4th time in my 'career', I reached a personal best of 1821 today but it only lasted 10 minutes or so…

  • Enrico at 2004-10-26

    My personal best is 1806 so far. A few days later 1805 to reach the 1800+ for the second time. Now a little behind scedule :(

    But working on my way up again!

  • dopplefunker at 2004-10-30

    I thought I'd mention that I just hit 1800 for the first time. 3 weeks ago I was struggling around 1575, before I just took off. I wish I knew my secret! http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/info/player_chart.jsp?gtid=soccer&plid=5290

  • antkam at 2004-10-30

    congrats dopple!!

    as of this moment, top 9 are 18xx, and the 10th place is 1794 Gerard, one of the best players here. lets hope Gerard will move up soon and make top 10 all 18xx!!!

  • Marius Halsor at 2004-11-09

    My birthday has come and gone, and yet (to my knowledge, at least) there has still not been a moment where all top ten players had more than 1800 in rating. Currently seven players are above 1800, and the next three are close. It can't be long now…

  • p_a_k_o at 2004-11-11

    Was in soccer any rating tournament where 4 players are over 1800?? Or maybe it will be a first tournament on level 9???

    Now are 3 players who register in RT over 1800. We need 4th person with rating over 1800.Who will help and make first tournament in level 9??

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2004-11-18

    I will try a passenger experiment to reach the 1800 club; I hope I will not disturb you too much.

  • tonywu at 2004-11-18

    The first level 9 tournament already started at 2004-11-12 05:25

  • antkam at 2004-11-18

    Dan Vasilescu (silexu):

    I will try a passenger experiment to reach the 1800 club;

    I hope I will not disturb you too much.

    Dan, you are playing very well. You are winning our game and it was not luck – you definitely deserve to win that game with some very sound play. You're leading in last few moves and if I equalize it'll only be because I'm a lucky bastard. :) In short, there is no need for you to “cheat” to enter 1800; you play well enough that it will happen.

    I objected to passenger's experiments back then, and I object to your proposed experiment now, for what my opinion is worth. I dont care that you manipulate your own rating. However, in the process you also manipulate (and artificially inflate) many other players' ratings when you finally finish your experiment. That has implications on several other experiments such as when will all top 10 be 18xx, when will certain other players become 18xx, will they feel well-deserved if they enter 18xx because of your artificial boost, etc.

    Moreover, passenger specified a date for his experiment to end. If you dont have a pre-set end date, your experiment is worthless, because it will absolutely definitely happen that you cross 18xx if you cheat long enough – there is nothing to experiment, nothing to test, no challenge, and it will prove nothing. So, if you must do this experiment, please at least set an end date that is very soon.

    But back to my original point! Dan, you are playing very well, at least where I can see (i.e. in our game), and you dont need to cheat to enter 1800. Earn it the right way!

  • antkam at 2004-11-18

    (continued from previous post…)

    Note that: since I expect to lose my game with Dan, probably within the next 24 hours, clearly I am personally not affected by his experiment. So I am not saying all this for my selfish purpose! :)

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2004-11-19

    Thanks antkam for your words. Actually I am not trying to follow exactly the passenger experiment. I will close most of my games even if I am loosing or winning. I will not close the one where with my move I surelly win. This games will not be too many so not many players will be affected. I put and end date for my experiment the end of this month or earlier if I manage to enter the club earlier.

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2004-11-19

    I want to mention also that I will close the games in the ascending order of opponents rating, so each one will not be affected too much. In plus I will not keep more than two games not closed with the same opponent in order not to affect him/her too much.

  • Looser at 2004-11-19

    My first 18xx rank … :) Now I have 1800 and I like it.

  • Enrico at 2004-11-21

    Again there are nine players with 18xx. Alan needs only 5 points to make top 10 all 18xx!

  • Agamemnon at 2004-11-22

    I think my top was 1861

  • Nevermind at 2004-11-24

    I finally made it into the Club of 1800. It is temporary, for sure, but tastes good. :D

  • Nevermind at 2004-11-26

    Maxing at 1814

  • Mac S at 2004-12-01

    I looked at the rating list and noticed tigis is at 1901 now… I think he may open the 1900 club! (I do not count passenger who reached 1911 or something during his rating experiment)

  • firenze at 2004-12-01

    yep, there are two people right now in the 1900+ Rating Club, passenger with 1920 (according to ypercube's records) and now tigis. please see the “Personal Bests in the 1800 Club” topic as well.

  • firenze at 2004-12-07

    here is my solution for establihing true and valid membership in the 1800+ Rating Club.

    i think only those should be members of the 1800+ Club who have made it three times, and never fell below 1600 points in between the three occasions of passing the 1800 mark. an added condition is that only those could become members who have already played 100 games.

    this solution could filter out manipulations and one-time lucky coincidences and favors long-standing excellent performances.

    rules are always arbitrary, and we can negotiate a better arbitrary rule, but this might be a good solution.

    (by the way, this rule would disqualify me from membership, which is only fair, as i myself had one lucky run only)

  • firenze at 2004-12-07

    here is the modified membership list, applying the rules i have just described:

    FC Cwali



    FC K6J




    Petr Trojek



    hard to see from their graphs, but probably barely made it:



    very close, but in the nearest future can become “full” members:





    had a good run once or twice but fell down in between:


    Ronald Lokers

    FC Malaj


    Tore Sandmark


    simon craddock


    Mac S






    i think this way common perception of someone's skill and evidence of his/her statistics are closer to each other.

    make corrections if necessary.

  • FC Malaj at 2004-12-07

    this actually IS interesting, and your proposed rule does seem to work.

  • Tim Sharrock at 2004-12-07

    One case it would not work for would be someone who gets above 1800 and stays there….

  • Michael Engels at 2004-12-07

    No problem to make the triple->1800 without dropping below 1600. You just have to do the reverse-passenger-move like Nostradamus (first resign all your games you will loose and keep the games you will win in your queue). This will get you above 1800 without the great drop after it. Once you've mastered it jumping like crazy over the 1800-mark is no problem…

  • Nevermind at 2004-12-07

    As it has been said couple times, there is always a room for manipulation, but I do like firenze's idea because it greatly reduces it. And his sorting out the previous 1800+ club members does show a convincing result.

    If Nostradamus stays over 1800 after his manipulation, dropping just below 1800 twice then go back, he deserves to become a club member. But he won too many too early, being eager to pass 1900, so he will not be able to remain over 1600.

  • rehakles at 2004-12-13

    That's a good monday morning and a nice start into the week for me - first time @1803.

    It was a slow increase overall and I doubt that I can keep it for long ;-)

  • firenze at 2004-12-13

    congrats, rehakles! as soon as you make 1800 three times without falling under 1600 in between those three occasions, you will become a full member of the club. making it once is easy, staying there is not. i know that well :D

  • rehakles at 2004-12-13

    hm, what if I would not drop down below, but stay above? Than the “3times-rule” would not apply - anyway, that will not happen, because some games with the final rolls in progress I will loose in a short time.

    Let's say, the noise of my rating curve just peeked above that border ;-)

    And now for the serious question - what will be my benefit to be member in that club? Do we smoke big cigars and talk about politics? What are the prefered drinks? ;-)))

    rehakles @1811 for short time ;-)

  • firenze at 2004-12-13

    well the benefits of full membership include a membership card with discounts on whiskey and cigar consumption, conversations with Mr Phileas Fogg, and the indispensable five o'clock tea.

    but see, rehakles, you will go up and down 1800 in no time, just be careful not to drop down below 1600 because then you would lose your temporary membership card and may drink only diet cherry coke :D

  • rehakles at 2004-12-14

    Thx firence for the information - now I can value the membership. I was afraid of some california barbarians being also members. Fogg, malt and havannas are ok for me ;-)

  • Looser at 2004-12-14

    I pass a limit 1800 twice and once I have 1800. Does it mean that I am full member 1800+ rating Club? Because then I felt below 1600 once. Could you answer me, firenze?

  • Tim Sharrock at 2004-12-14

    Firenze's suggestion is, I think, that if you drop below 1600 before reaching 1800 three times, you must start counting the 1800 visits again. I don't think that many people have commented for or against adopting this as the usual definition of the 1800+ club… so I don't think it has been adopted as such. (I will find if difficult enough to reach 1800 once!)


  • Looser at 2004-12-14

    But firenze qualify my person to players which are very close. But I reach 1800 3 times (twice passing 1800 and once reaching 1800) After that I felt below 1600. So my question is if 1800 qualify or I must pass 1800 every time?

  • Tim Sharrock at 2004-12-15

    I would interpret 1800+ as “1800 or above”, so yae, I would say you qualify as both a traditional and a Fireenzen 1800+er


  • firenze at 2004-12-17


    right, although the resolution of the charts are very low, it does seem that you reached exactly 1800 points once in between two peaks above 1800. that makes it three, and you are happily selected as one of the very few who can have a five o'clock tea with Mr Phileas Fogg :D

    by the way: watch Nostradamus and Barry in their recent trip to 15-minute stardom, and see if they can make 1800+ three times without dropping below 1600 in the course of their run …

  • firenze at 2004-12-17

    and yes, we should not forget that Barry from the UK invented the whole thing of manipulating with the score by selecting winning games to finish and putting losing gaes aside. his curve is the craziest, just as his wdp, which is way-way below zero. :D


  • Enrico at 2004-12-27

    By the way Firenze: I didn't drop under 1600 in between or after I reached 1800+, that was already before I reachted 1800+.

    After reaching 1806 I never dropped under (about) 1670.

    So with my 17-high at this moment I'm rather close to the 3 times 1800+!

  • Enrico at 2005-03-17

    According Firenzes rules I must be in the 1800+ rating Club now. I reached 1803 and 1806 before and with the 1807 I reached today it must be enough. :)

  • Burton at 2005-03-23

    I finally break the border … I'm on 1804.

  • Burton at 2005-03-24

    And I'm break top5 now …

  • XMan at 2005-04-21

    Yep! I'm here by 1800. :-»>

  • Talizess at 2005-04-23


    think i can join your 1800+ club with three times over 1800 in this month.

    Greetz Talizess

  • Crazy Spy at 2005-04-29


    I did it! I'm at 1800 as of 10 AM on April 29th.

    I'll probably drop below 1800 pretty soon, but at least I made it once!

  • Burton at 2005-05-08

    After winning over Alan I reached my best rating (1828) and I'm second in rating list …

  • Mac S at 2005-06-14

    Finally… after 22 months and three near-misses I have reached a rating over 1800 for the first time today!

  • Gregorlo at 2005-09-15

    well,,, after beating pako twice and batman once, i finally got into 1800+ rating! :)

  • Looser at 2005-09-16


    This is an evidence for my 1923 rating.

    But after that I won with rehakles and reached 1932 rating.

  • Black Cat at 2005-10-23

    Can I join? Today I reached 1804 but probably won't be for long!!

  • TnT at 2005-11-04

    I made it (well, just barely - and probably before another fall) - but I made it!

  • acr01 at 2005-11-18

    For a game like Streetsoccer, in which ratings can change wildly from day to day, a Moving Average would be a useful addition to the ratings graphs.

    For an example, see this stock chart:


    Seems like it would be fairly easy to add.

  • Ricardo (Santos) ★ at 2005-11-29

    Just above today… 1805

  • Black Cat at 2005-11-30

    Back again on 1821

  • Root Beer at 2005-12-20

    Today I hit 1807. And then lost a game and dropped sub-1800 again. I'll be back!

  • Marius Halsor at 2006-01-26

    I finally have a rating of 1801. I might drop down again soon, though! :-)

  • Enrico at 2006-01-26

    I managed to reach 1821 a couple of days ago. Even with this rating I was only 18th on the rating list! 15 months ago I was 6th in the rating list with 'only' 1806. Times are changing…

  • profBSW at 2006-02-03

    i need a long time, but now it's done

    1820 ;-)

  • Tahitian Treat at 2006-02-21
    To: Tahitian TreatDate: 2006-02-21Title: Game #492757 is finished. neil vs. Tahitian Treat 0:5Message: Game #492757 is finished.neil vs. Tahitian Treat 0:5neil old rating: 1469 newrating: 1465Tahitian Treat old rating: 1797 newrating: 1801
  • Almaju at 2006-02-22

    Im on the 1800

    With 1825 at this time!

    I got a week over!

    Yes… it was really hard!

    Yes… i have been playing only one month!

    Yes… its the best game i had been played in years!

  • Marius Halsor at 2006-02-22

    I'm back up over too!

  • Cutt at 2006-02-24

    Well, I think I can say I'm 1800, after a few weeks with 18++.

  • Luca Bruzzi at 2006-03-18

    My first time over 1800 !

  • Marius Halsor at 2006-03-24

    I have now reached 1879, with no games left to play. I remember someone suggested “no games left to play” as the only “true” time to evaluate your rating (maybe in the “1900+“-thread?). I disagree with that, but nevertheless feel that I now deserve a place in the celebre “1800+ club”.

  • TnT at 2006-05-14

    And I too have just made it over 1800 (I think this is the fourth time). And this time with no outstanding games.

    Not sure if this makes a big difference - I got a boost by winning all my games in the second round of a ratings tournament. Playing high rated players does make it a bit easier to get a high rating.

  • simon craddock at 2006-10-09

    new high for me 1851

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2006-10-15

    My first rank better then 1800 :D

    1808 :)

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2006-10-19

    1816 :D

  • simon craddock at 2006-10-19

    made 1854 before dropping again

  • ypercube ★ at 2006-10-20

    1871 new high for me and a coincidence. It's my old car's plate number!

  • florish at 2006-10-24

    with humble bow I enter this room :) 1804

  • Root Beer at 2006-11-01

    I've been (mostly) over 1800 for the last couple weeks. I just hit 1842. Wow. Way higher than any previous peak for me. That puts me in a tie for 10th rank overall.

    Of course, I'm sure to drop soon! : )

  • bloke at 2006-11-12

    oh, wait, i lingered above 1800 for some days, reaching couple peaks above 1800, but the highest among them was 1833 at the end of October. that is not bad, Top 20 material :-)

    by the way, two Slovenians, matjazo and David also reached peaks around 1840-1850. let them speak for themselves :-)

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2006-11-28

    1850 and it riseing :D

  • Steven Pedlow at 2006-11-30

    It's time for me to claim membership in this distinguished group. My max rating was 1899, but that was a hot streak that was followed by a cold streak. Now at 1833 between competitions, so this is a fair rating.

  • parma at 2006-11-30

    i have been over 1800 for some weeks and reached a local maximum of 1831. temporary rating, we will see it in the long run

  • David at 2006-12-01

    i am on 1842 now, but it is likely to fall somewhat in the near future. my maximum

    is 1894. i tried desperately to reach 1900, but it wasn't to be.

  • parma at 2006-12-02

    make my personal best 1841. it was nice, will be back.

  • matjazo at 2006-12-06

    I'm back in 1800+ rating club, with 1814 right now, but not for long, I guess :(

    My maximum was 1853. If you play a lot, it's difficult to stay at this level but I'll do my best … and someday I'll reach 1900+ club :)

  • bloke at 2007-03-11

    just to bring this topic up front. among the mediocre 1800+ players, i reached 1835 for five minutes :-)

  • simon craddock at 2007-04-15

    1856 my new high

  • FC Malaj at 2007-04-17

    1852 - the chart shows that the current ranking is my personal best.

  • FC Malaj at 2007-04-19

    The chart shows that I have reached 1889 due to an unusual series of winning games. I broke the previous record by 37 points…

  • javerberg at 2007-07-28

    Nanobrain-ai peeked at 1812 yesterday, and is the first bot to reach the 1800 border. :)

  • parma at 2007-08-21

    simon craddock said: “1856 my new high”

    i agree

  • parma at 2007-08-21

    but i would rather say 1874

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2007-09-07

    I finally made it to 1800, exactly, and I now have zero games in progress until the next championship. I hope to stay in this club for awhile!

  • duvelman at 2007-10-12

    I also finally made it to 1800 (1817 to be precise), but it won't very long I'm afraid.

  • Koniin Sarrass at 2007-10-23

    Just wanted to let everybody know: I am in da club. :)

    Koniin Sarrass old rating: 1790 newrating: 1802

  • Tim Sharrock at 2007-11-04

    me too - 1809 :)

  • pensando at 2008-01-02

    Hi everybody, and Happy New Year! It's supposed to be great… because I have now 1821 points :)

    See you!

  • Henrik Sjøl at 2008-06-11

    I have finally deserved a membership in this club :-)

    1805 and 11 games still running…

  • FatPhil at 2008-06-23

    I've finally reached it too! 1807, but still a few more games in my 4th division championship group to finish. Losses are pending, alas.

  • Disciple at 2008-07-18

    First time above this - 1809 now :)

  • MRFvR at 2011-01-21

    No one cares about 1800+ club anymore, since it became a common achievement. Anyway, I'm very proud to have gotten to 1800 (exactly!) for the very first time. Hopefully I'll be able to sustain myself here and even get a few more elo points.

  • MRFvR at 2012-05-09

    Back over 1800! YES!

  • slaapgraag at 2012-05-09

    Hey, good you bumped this link\|! I'm 1810 now. (highest was 1858 (10-04-2012))
    MRFvR, you're right - It's not a very exclsive club i'm in now, but - hey, I'm in. (I care! ;-P )

  • FatPhil at 2012-07-16

    Hmm, I've just noticed that I'm well over 1900 and have been for a while. (Apparently I've reached 17th place, but I do have plenty of games on the go and will lose several - no idea if I'll ever be able to post to the 2000 thread.)

  • Dustin at 2013-10-23

    Just made 1800 (exactly)!

    Next stop 1900+ club…

  • Tommah at 2014-12-16


  • Diamante at 2015-12-07


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