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Draw offers (.¿.) ???
  • Andres Villasante at 2004-06-11

    Did I mention that a chess player can be losing position, due that his opponent in was harassing him with a draw offer repeatedly? Currently however, if a player is harassing another player using draw offer, then a player can just report it to the forums, or an admin. I have found that as a responsibility of the trouble-free conduct of the playing sessions on all tournaments chess players to “insist that participants observe a high standard of chess etiquette and refrain from disturbing or harassing their opponents.” If one member is behaving like this then the rest of us have a right to know. It has since been highlighted that this may be or could be in breach of the tournament. In over the board play, it is considered proper etiquette to make your move, and then offer the draw. If your opponent is making obnoxious comments to you, you should be able to tune him or her out. I have read and do not wish to retain in the box. They are expected to insist that participants observe a high standard of chess etiquette and refrain from disturbing or harassing their opponents (e.g., by repeating draw offers or by crowding around any board). There ought to be an option to hide the individual game discussions. There is an unacceptable, How can I clear message boxes of messages or stop this annoying a pop-up draw request event PLEASE. It is a distraction when the draw is offered a message appears in the Top chat window and in the button of the offer until a move is made. Is it possible to erase it from the window once the draw has been declined? I am actually thinking it may be a viable improvement suggestion to limit the number of draw offers enforced by the system. When the draw is offered, a message appears in the chat window of the offer. Is it possible to erase it from the window once the draw has been declined? I follow the same guidelines here. I offer a draw once, and if declined, I don't normally offer one again, unless the game dramatically changes. I will prefer maybe appreciate to see a message saying, what do you think about a draw, if they say no then I play to the end and hope for a stalemate. Chess is typically envisioned as a game of concentration and deliberation, a game not to be taken lightly and a game definitely not to be rushed. But some recent research suggests that it's actually a player's split-second intuitions that make the grandmaster.


  • Andres Villasante at 2004-06-13

    I AGREE with Krzysztof - Chris from Poland here, although my friend Marc Oldenhof has a good point too. But there is no need to make from us that include “YOU” or “ME” or anybody here, any more comments about this, or any snide comments on any one member in the forums. It only will cause unnecessary bad feelings and hatred. All I want to do is play chess, converse with my opponent, and have interesting discussions in the forums. Let's keep some perspective here. WHO?.. ME!! I'm never serious. life is to short to take any thing serious, that’s why I'm a Ychessnut. Just to let you all know: I will make a substantial effort to focus in ignoring chat window and do My Job- I mean play chess:) There are no two Bug-Ways(Repetitions) about it. To that end we NEED to be watchful of members' words and tone. Please accept my apologies if I have somehow offended you or any Chess Players opponents.. in that regards.

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    er… what discussion?

    Thank You,


    “The wise man's understanding turns him to his right; the fool's understanding turns him to his left.” Ecclesiastes 10:2

  • Wakai Yushi at 2004-06-13


    Thank goodness educators have finally come to their senses.

    “Early escape is worst eight moves. A bad move invites more bad moves”.




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