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The chess analogy is a good one; CLEAR THE BOARD.
  • Andres Villasante at 2004-05-28

    Dear Richard Malaschitz:

    The chess analogy is a good one; I am not convinced by your arguments. It is very simple, admittedly, but it contains the pared down fundamentals. It is possible to comment on this idea but add caveats showing how it would not be applicable, but to say it is just too simple is missing the point. Previously you own me 240 hours from the Draw argument, you never set-up the clock to the time before the bug declared a draw, instead you set-up to 24 hour, check you records. Based on that I will refute to make a move until you set the clock right, and re-set the time to the original time prior or the draw or/and set the pieces to the appropriate designated squares void the game that continually possess script and time errors. Richard can you explain the coincidences that move 20 in Gary Kaspik is Qe2?

    Apparently and legally The Laws of Chess cannot cover all possible situations that may arise during a game, nor can they regulate all administrative questions. Since no central authority controls the Internet and network providers are too busy to police everything their customers do, online courtesy is arrived at by general consensus. Where an Article of the Laws does not precisely regulate cases, it should be possible to reach a correct decision by studying analogous situations, which are discussed in the Laws. The first thing to remember is that no one can obtain information about you that you don't put on the Internet. Too detailed a rule might deprive the arbiter of his freedom of judgement and thus prevent him from finding the solution to a problem dictated by fairness, logic and special factors. A secure site means that all the information sent from your computer to the company's server will be encrypted. (See Privacy Online in this guide for more information on encryption.) The Internet is by its nature uncensored, unfettered and wide open. Anyone with a computer and a modem has access both to Mr. Chess Rogers' neighborhood and to the steamiest red-light district, with few barriers in between. One solution is content filtering software. “From this deliberately unpromising position emerged moves of extraordinary power. Games do not win or draw themselves. I think there is an error in the script. As Robert Hynlan once said, “The only thing accomplished by privacy laws is to make the bugs smaller and to make richer those who have access to them.” Do I not know the rules or do we here, have an error in the program?

    I agree this is not according to FIDE rules but similar rules have other chess sites too. For example ICCF (International Corresposence Chess Federation) has rules, where tournament director can suddenly finish tournament (when winner is known) and all games are stopped and strong chess player (including world championship tournament) estimates result. (BTW it is good idea for LG championship}. That is correct; this is a bug in the LG software for chess. I have this problem before in this board. Please clear the board, because I will not move on an illegal/unclear chess that’s my right. All the pieces must be in the right square before I move…My queen is located in 113.Qe7; not in 113….Qe2. That's the history of chess. We may not like him, but he's there. As far as history goes, I don't think it's a question of correcting history. What I would recommend that we do today is refer this to two committees with grandmaster members for fairly quick opinion. And I would also concur with expressing our concerns about this both to the USCF and to FIDE for the areas that fall within their jurisdiction.

    1. Previously, there was a software bug in judgement of 3-fold-repetition rule (software does not recognize white and black side) And I think certainly that's an area that we don't need to do in this case. We don't need to put in a big glamorous display showcasing him and building him up as something that could be idolized. Ref: Another confused Draw.

    We'll spend all of our time trying to determine the authenticity of the voice and so forth. I don’t think that that's necessary. We don't want to make this another Watergate where we have video tapes, photos and WEB Pages (Dates) Historical missing gaps and so forth and so on. Any program that denies network services or breaks into off-limits systems brings on chess legal troubles and ruins the whole experience for the rest of us chess law-abiding folks. NO OFFENSE TO MANY FINE CHESS PLAYERS, WE SUPPORT CHESS A LOT, THIS GOES OUT ONLY TO THOSE WITHOUT ANY RESPECT FOR THIS GAME AND HOW TO GOVERN AROUND IT !!! The Internet isn't just about information or entertainment; it's about knowledge. Welcome to the future. Just a matter of when you get an e-mail response, how do you keep a record of that, just for the record and so that it is – people other than yourself, other boards can access it if necessary; what is your procedure? We can have our chess cake and eat it, too. We are living in this room as proof of a people that cannot only have chess cake, eat it, and expand the chess cake, and invite other players to the chess table. I call this > “the Chess Ghost” because it Creates a dichotomy that is false. It says that there is a dichotomy, a choice that must be made between efficiency and freedom. And it turns out this is exactly opposite to the truth.

    Again, I don't by any way shape or mean want to hurt the LittleGolem. I want it to prosper. I think it is good. I’m not trying to interfere. But under the circumstances I think something should be done. Two wrongs don’t make one right.


    P.S. However, this appear do not reflect in any form, OR SUBSTANCE TO INTENT TO DISCREDIT ANY WAY all tournaments THAT are been conducting in highly professional manner littleGolem our tournaments). These are only with the intention to clarify any doubt that, which I personally raise to LittleGolem Web distinguish/successful agencies.

  • Wakai Yushi at 2004-05-29

    The Chess Review Process

    Shortly after beginning a dialogue with my chess club, I proposed the formation of a chess review team to discuss possible solutions.

     LittleGolem employees

     University employees

     Independent experts from their respective fields:

     Regional Internet Registries

     Internet Measurement Research

     Network Time Protocol

     Grandmaster

     General Forums

    The independent experts will agreed to participate without prematurely disclosing the details of the situation.

    A number of action items and directions can be developed during this Chess Review process. These included:

     Fix the SNTP Client

     Propose the Network Operational Options

     Inform the Internet Community

     Clarify Internet Best Current Practice and Protocol Standards

     Chess After Action Report

     Draw/Resign/Rating/Time Calibration Process for LittleGolem modification Chess Board Clear process.


    Here are some questions, offered as food for thought, that were brought to mind by this chess case study:

     What does this unintentional Denial-of-Bug (three repitition) Service flood indicate about the viability of some public Internet services?

     Can the Internet routing infrastructure be improved to enable less disruptive solutions to such problems?

     Are the manufacturer, vendor, Internet operations, and user communities willing and able to cooperate to address such problems?

     Are incidents such as this a likely side effect of ubiquitous, low-cost, perhaps even disposable Internet hosts? What happened? What worked? What didn't? Why?

     Who was playing what role? What thoughts went through your mind? Have the players - one from each role, if you have time - draw. Yayael-ZoomZoom is rating 2400, Dave is 2523, and both are Grandmasters; Kingprawn's homepage on Real name:Dave and GM_Villafane JL's homepage on How did it feel to play that role?

     How does the simulation of the chess game compare to real life situation?

     What was the affect of this article being slashdotted?

     How has this story been covered in the international press?

    Edison's Lament

    No switch is ever in the right position.

    Program tools are also available which allow visualization of nighttime’s actions, verification of its performance, display of its history log, and which provide data for graphing of the system clock behavior. Nighttime learns what corrections are required without operator interaction beyond the occasional accurate time set. Both warm (power on) and cool (power off) errors are corrected, usually yielding better than one part per million accuracy in the typical desktop computer with no additional hardware, and nighttime increases the system clock resolution from approximately 0.0549 second to 0.01 second. The program has found application in a wide variety of industries, including astronomy, satellite tracking, communications, broadcasting, transportation, public utilities, manufacturing, medicine and the military.

     Anything called “Ultimo to work..(whatever)” or “Ultimate (whatever)” isn't. There's always at least one thing somewhere in the world that is even more. Unless there's a running countdown clock right there on the screen, you have as long as you want to complete any task – such as, say, rescuing a friend who's hanging by one hand from a slippery cliff edge thousands of feet in the air – no matter how incredibly urgent it is. Dawdle or hurry, as you will, you'll always make it just in the nick of time.

    “Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.” - Roman Emperor/Philosopher Marcus Aurelius

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