kspttw asks: does anyone know how many people play here using a computer engine? Chess forum

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kspttw asks: does anyone know how many people play here using a computer engine?
  • MisterCat at 2020-05-05

    I will field this question, but I don't have all the answers.  Others may be more informative.

    In THIS site, the use of an engine for analysis DURING a Chess game constitutes CHEATING.  This is NOT a 'postal chess league', where such use IS permitted.  This topic has been discussed QUITE EXTENSIVELY in this forum, but some of those forum posts go back YEARS; they may be hard to find. (as I recall, 'the sons of Mahmoud' is a good one, if you can find it)

    Every now and then, players are CAUGHT cheating (and there are ways to do this), and there have been a few cases of players being banned from the site.  An experienced online player can usually tell when their opponent IS A CHEATER, and that's one reason there is a blacklist here - the cheater will NEVER get another chance.

    Cheaters are not going to admit to this, so I doubt that you will find any sort of a useful answer to the question 'how many people here cheat'?  Among the things you might do is observe the playing records of some players, and see if they PRACTICALLY NEVER, EVER, LOSE, even to the best players here.  That, right there, is a good sign of a Chess engine at work.

    More sophisticated Chess sites (this is NOT one of them), employ many methods, including software that automatically compared the moves made by a player by the choices offered by top Chess engines; players who are caught cheating are usually banned for one year, and then if they repeat the act, will be banned for life, as are players caught cheating at over-the-board tournaments.

    This is a very relaxed, casual site - there is NO MONEY, NO PRIZES, NO ACCOLADES, and your rating here GOES NO PLACE ELSE.  The cheaters have no RATIONAL reason to cheat - they do it for some crazy irrational reasons, such as some sort of ego boost.  I don't know exactly - I don't cheat.

    If YOU wish to cheat, kspttw, I would ask you to refrain from this or leave the site.  If you are NOT a cheater, then just relax, play some games, and enjoy.


  • pa1201 at 2020-05-05

    Hi Mistercat and others!

    I think your a little harsh in your judgement. Maybe I will revalidate my opinion in few hours. I dont like to play a program without knowledge of it. So Bots are allowed but not programs, to sum up this?

    Anyway, I reply only because I got message from Stockfish(!) analysed one of my chess games recent. Guess if I was surprised. I not know if I have installed Stockfish on this computer, but I know I installed chess engine years ago only for practise. But chess was harder than I thought so I gave up after only few days! I even borrowed chess books in library but gave back a couple of days later. Because I noticed it is not my game of choice. However, more about this game analysed by Stockfish. I wondered why I got analysis of game by Stockgish and vs good player too. It said “member feature” in private message and I am not full member here. Maybe bug and wanted warn me of the player, maybe vs player with many prog moves?

    I'm not to reveal which player if this is wrong information. Actually this analysis does not signal obvious program from statistics of all players moves. And of course I never used a program myself - never will, but if someone is fully open with using program/bot no big problem for me. But it need to say in profile info or in name then, or that it is very known in the game it is a bot/prog! Otherwise I am fully triggered by it! Ah maybe I was the one little bit too harsh now. To be honest I think it happens but not often that players use progs to win games. It is medium-rare id say if you get my non-perfect English.

    Im back to Littlegolem aftera little long break. Timed out most games some years ago, not intended to do it again at all. I hope and think I am forgiven. Now I decided to I will keep playing my games of choice for a while and Chess is unfortunately not one of them lol.

  • pa1201 at 2020-05-05

    If this is problem with my Stockfish message I will delete program from computer right now; and I now see it was installed from many years ago.

  • pa1201 at 2020-05-05

    Two sentences from my post disappeared which is really strange. maybe time for bed for me now..

  • kspttw at 2020-05-06

    No, I just have about 2400 and I wonder is any sense to play here. I'm sure that some players use an engine, but ok, I understand no one wants to admit it.

  • _syLph_ at 2020-05-06

    Cheaters exist everywhere they can exist. There is a lot of pleasure to be gained in winning, even if it isnt earned. Well, people also troll online wherever you go so something like cheating being quite frequent should be a given.

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