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what's infinity tournment
  • Monkey see Monkey do at 2019-07-24

    FAQ does not have a definition, can anyone explain to me what they mean by INFINITY.

    i'd imagine is automatic registering in a game, but not sure…..


  • Galdian at 2019-07-25

    Don't know, how exactly this works, but in general it automatically starts game (not sure, how often, maybe each 2 weeks or 1 month?) with other participants; I'm also not sure about the pairing system.

    Info from http://www.edcollins.com/golem/ (not sure, if it's up to date):

    “An Infinity Tournament “lasts forever”… and you play just one game at a time.  Think of it as a Swiss System format with an infinite number of rounds.  You can withdraw from this tournament at any time and if you do, you can still finish the games you've started.  Each player accumulates points based upon their performance, and these points are used to form the pairings for future rounds.  Depending upon the game, a new Infinity Tournament Game starts approximately every two weeks.

    Since it's very possible your current game in the tournament has not yet finished, you might be playing two games in the this tournament at the same time!

    Calculating your score in the tournament isnow based on simple EMA (Exponential Moving Average):

    Score(new) = (Score(old) x (KOEF-1) + result) / KOEF

    KOEF is calculated from number of players in tournament ( 2*log(players)/log(2)).

    Unfinished games are calculated as draw.  Result is 2 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. (StreetSoccer 0-5, Hahn Go 0-100).

    The final score is multiplied by 1000. Theoretical maximal score is 2000.”

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