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Dear USA players...
  • unique ★ at 2019-07-09

    I have an inmate's address if you want to play postal with him. thanx

  • unique ★ at 2020-04-04

    His address is in my profile …he's ready for your competition…tyvm

  • unique ★ at 2020-06-02

    Please join/renew the United States Chess Federation asap tyvm

  • unique ★ at 2021-05-18

    rates rise June 1st — thanx

  • unique ★ at 2021-05-28

    inmate D38967 awaits your move via … he only responds via letters

  • Lazy Twits at 2021-05-29

    No numbers/digits?

    So maybe “white square bishop to fourth file, check” check?

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