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I am seeking one entrant....
  • unique at 2018-03-29

    for my self organized daily chess world championship. first joiner will be paired and instructed asap

    thanks and good luck

  • Tommah at 2018-03-30

    How does it work?

  • unique at 2018-03-30

    one entrant per site. 3 entrants so far. hoping for about 40 total. pairing in order of acceptance.  #4 will get instructions and give them to #3.  no fee. no prize

    other than recognition across my websites. to prompt involvement I have threatened to represent some sites myself :)

  • unique at 2018-03-30

    games might be played at chessforums.org under CORRESPONDENCE GAMES

  • unique at 2018-04-01

    I have asked Ray Garrison

  • unique at 2018-04-05

    Final Offer. Please provide 1 combatant before the end of April. Thank you

  • unique at 2018-04-26

    If they won’t play each other I shall play them myself. So there.

  • unique at 2018-06-05

    splinter of nothingbutchess.com has achieved global conquest

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