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Truth is not afraid to be questioned
  • Andres Villasante at 2004-01-09

    The Battle Of Chess is the continue quest for the truth. Creating clarity about what is true for you, regardless of what someone else has told you, using your own eyes and inborn intelligence, is where your individuality will spring from. Does that mean that you never want to listen to what someone else has to say? Of course not. It does mean that you check with your own experience and with your own intelligence and find out what is true for you. Not blindly accepting ideas just because people around you have. Not accepting ideas, dogma, and even religions as truths just because you grew up this way. Growing up means that you use your own eyes and your own intelligence, and that you have the courage to question what you are told. And truth is not afraid to be questioned, it can't lose out. Truth in fact becomes stronger and more self-evident in the process of being questioned and looked into. Though when it's time to harvest, we all know that this is not the crop we expected from life. Something fundamental seems to be wrong. And we don't really want to raise the issue because everyone has been trying so hard; we have done our very best.“Chess is not a fixed or static body of knowledge. It is dynamic.””Our opinions, for or against, are irrelevant. True principles are beyond opinions, yours or mine.We prefer to look the other way, and we avoid or deny the obvious truth of the matter. It just seems to be a little too painful and embarrassing to bring it up again“.

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