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waiting room game.
  • adrenochrome at 2004-11-24

    How do I take my games off the waiting room list?

  • Little PipSqueak at 2004-11-24

    There is no way to remove your games.

  • adrenochrome at 2004-11-24


  • Hjallti at 2004-11-25

    Actually there is a way...
    pick yourself and resign on first move.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-11-25

    Nope, I’ve tried that. You can’t start a game against yourself from the waiting room. Either someone else must start the game, or you must wait for a month before the entry disappears.

  • adrenochrome at 2004-11-27

    But I am letting fifty people play me by my own wrong doing.
    .......Its tooooooooo much

  • Eduard at 2004-11-27

    I don’t understand your complaining. I was looking over “Waiting Room” games, and none of yours is posted there (today and for the last two days).

    So, what is the real problem? Maybe you are posting using different name than the “playing” user?

  • adrenochrome at 2004-11-27

    Sweet I’m finaly off the board.However I have 76 games to finish now. :(

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