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what does this mean?
  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2004-11-22

    Error on this page

    I gor it while trying to play GWG

  • Alan Turing at 2004-11-23

    In thread 696 you will find a couple of explanations of the error.
    You will also find how easily misunderstandings can arise in this world — even though everybody’s intentions were pure, someone took offense, and felt bad from trying to help. And the rest of us felt a bit bad (at least I did) from involuntarily offending her, and from being misinterpreted.

  • Hjallti at 2004-11-23

    Anyway, I got the same error around the same time. The other thread doesn’t say much about what happened, but that is maybe because Richard didn’t enter into the discussion. All I get from it (I’m a layman) is that is probably a server error, which even the player has no influence on. On the error page, and my next page the number of games showed (incorrectly): 0/0. (This might be a clue, since the ‘stack trace’ is gone as well.)

    My solution:
    I just went to another site and came back later, and it seemed to have been solved.

    By the way, in the other threat I was also surprized to hear it was belittling, but I found the answers very technical as well. But then again... third language....

  • Alan Turing at 2004-11-23

    You are correct: this is a server error and thus outside of the contol of the player. A NullPointerException could be just about anything, it basically means that something unexpected occurred.

  • Strawberry_Sunshine at 2004-11-23

    thanks for the help. I did do just that went to another site and came back and everything was fine. again thanks for the help.

  • adrenochrome at 2004-11-24

    I have had the 0/0 games show up for me as well,and all I did was click on your games and they came back.

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