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what does little golem mean?
  • Juan Guzmán Triviño at 2004-11-17

    i suppose it´s not the first time this question is asked. Thanks

  • Eduard at 2004-11-18


  • MarekM at 2004-11-18

    <a href=‘http://www.myczechrepublic.com/prague/history/prague_legends.html’>http://www.myczechrepublic.com/prague/history/prague_legends.html

    <a href=‘http://www.califczechslovaks.org/golem.htm’>http://www.califczechslovaks.org/golem.htm

    I found these links, where is more serious things about legend of Golem of Prague.

  • Alan Turing at 2004-11-18


  • Tim Shih at 2004-11-18 hmmm, nice legendary stories. The story does explain what Golem means. But what about “Little”? :)
  • Alan Turing at 2004-11-18

    That’s easy. “little” means “small” :D

  • Andres Villasante at 2004-11-18

    The word Golem has a clear Hebrew origin. It only appears once in the Bible, in verse 16 of Psalm 139, which pays homage to That who knows everything. Golem is the first word of the verse, used by the psalmist to refer to himself as a still shapeless mass, lacking structure, in his mother’s womb. Some medieval Kabbalists used the concepts in the Sepher Yetsirah to create an artificial form of life, as in the Golem legends of Prague and Warsaw. By mapping the internal power centers, and then projecting outward and aligning them with the forces of nature, the magician sought to re-enact the process of creation. Its meaning [LittleGolem].., could therefore be that of ‘embryo’, or with an ampler meaning, ‘homunculus’ (Staehlin, 1978, 178). It can start by itself and end by itself. That is the way things designed entirely for function tend to be. I believe that this is a by-product of a natural momentum that is carrying us along and we were created because of this momentum towards something. The goal of their knowledge was the path of return, or the ability of the individual sparks to return to the original Light through the process of redemption. This light, the essence of God, was trapped in human bodies as separate sparks of light, our souls. But when something has momentum it has direction, and when something has direction, it creates the illusion that there is an “intelligent purpose” to the universe. We find here another interesting parallel, in this case with the tradition of alchemy and with one of the most mysterious aspects of Goethe’s Faust. By comparing these to the structure and processes of DNA, we can assemble a complex of photo-linguistic meanings that allow us to fulfil the ultimate goal of man’s spiritual yearnings, that of reading the divine. As you put it, the universe appears to be an interactive learning machine and we were meant to figure it out. The important thing to realize is that a momentum does not require an intelligent force to initiate. Our universe seems to be like a big interactive puzzle—one designed to be figured out maybe in the Board games on www.littlegolem.net.


  • Black Cat at 2004-11-19

    ...oh and heres me thinking it was something to do with Lord of the Rings..

  • Eduard at 2004-11-19

    The character in LoTR was Golum, not Golem

  • Hjallti at 2004-11-22

    The link is there since most mideuropean languages would pronounce Golem the almost* same way Gollum of LOTR is pronounced. I guess that in the English bible the Hebrew word will be written like Tolkien does.

    In the dutch translation of LOTR “golem” is used. (I mean the book not the movie)

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