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  • pitirre at 2004-11-15

    i know im not a great GO player and it seems im stuck at 13kyu forever but right now that is not what is bothering me.

    what “needs” i have to complicate things when im winning?
    even in chess i do these things.

    i just lost a game in igs, where all i needed to do is close some points, one by one, and increase my points...but...then im thinking; “what if...” and “if i do this...” and start an innecessary episodes of moves where there is no hope.

    is kind of an “auto-sabotage” of my brain.

    i do this things very often. i sometimes think is something i dragged on from my days of chess playing when i started to experiment with some weird openings where i, intentionaly, will get the disadvantage very early on the game just to feel some excitement.

    i will admit is very nice when one wins by playing risky...but im tired of this. i cant seem to shake this off.

  • Zeke at 2004-11-16

    I think this is a big part of getting to the next level when you’re around 13k. Playing solidly is important... reading out where invasions might hurt your other positions and reading out the whole board status.

    It would be good for you to read Kageyama’s "Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go"

    It’s good to try things, but also make sure you review every game you play... even if it’s a “bad game” (“bad day”) or even if win! There is always more you can find in each game.

  • yyyyyyyy at 2004-11-17

    U r looking to create or discover some secret that will ensure your evolvement to a higher level. Impatience is an unlikely ingredient of success. Taking a few risks, tho, such that u r willing to sacrifice specific games to the cause of your game in general... is an investment.

  • pitirre at 2004-11-17

    yes, i can understand that and i think u are right. maybe i want to “evolve” too fast and i should take my time to play simple and understand the position then o embark to uncharted territories.

    and i will check that book in the future.


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