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Game non-starters
  • Black Cat at 2004-11-07

    Should there not be a system to stop people applying to join tournaments when they have so many games which they have not even started. I looked at one such player and counted 80 (I kid you not) games which were on turn 0 or 1 and yet even recently I have seen his/her name down to join tournaments.

  • MarekM at 2004-11-08

    Maybe if there will be more players of that kind. But in general anyone can play as many games as anyone wants. And system allows anyone to play.

  • ghardh at 2004-11-08

    I think, it would be helpful to have the possibility to delete (non-tournament) games during the first moves.
    Another problem is, that there is no possibility to remove oneself from the waiting room.

  • Hjallti at 2004-11-09

    Are the really entering new tournaments, or are their names there longer (e.g. in RT due to no proper opponents, in Championship due to not-exiting)?

    For champs it is hard to implement correctly... example: if I would be away 18 days in july , I might get such a situation, while I still can be respecting the time out, and still be willing to keep my position in the championship. I some start in that period, it might be I have more then 40 games unstarted, and I still have the right to enter the next championship.

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