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  • Ken at 2004-11-02

    get out there today and, as they say, vote early and vote often ;-)

  • adrenochrome at 2004-11-10

    It didn’t do much good did it

  • Ken at 2004-11-10

    not so much. very sad, angry, and bitter. the british said it best:

  • A. Massey at 2004-11-12

    ooooh...that bastion of journalistic integrity... The Daily Mirror.

  • Jupp at 2004-11-12

    That’s the only hope Bush fans have – some people critizising him are as bad as themselves.

  • Forza Azzurri at 2004-11-12

    that’s what america loves...

  • Forza Azzurri at 2004-11-12

    What’s the prognosis for the US in IRAQ…If my history knowledge serves me right the US will lose this one ALSO…Why “also” because the US has NEVER won a war…that’s right! You are probably perplexed by this revelation but it’s true…leaving aside the skirmishes like Grenada and Panama, let’s go back in time…Vietnam, lost. Korea, a tie only because the Russians intervened and convinced the north Koreans to compromise, otherwise the US would have lost…WWII, it was won by the RED ARMY, the US just came in for joyride. WWI the US played no real role, came into war at the tail end. So you see the US has no history of winning wars, except in HOLYWOOD studios.

  • A. Massey at 2004-11-12 Go back and re-read your history. The russian WINTER killed the Germans at Stalingrad... By the end of the war they had run out of fuel and were fighting a war on TWO fronts; thanks to the Allied invasion of France. I doubt that invasion would have fared so well without U.S. participation. I might also mention that without US intervention all of Italy might well be Goose-stepping about the streets of Rome to this day!
    I must apologize for this outburst, I might not ordinarily rise to such obvious flamebait but having just observed Veterans day here in the US, c’mon man, show some respect...

  • grade1teacher at 2004-11-12

    Thank you Aaron Massey for your post. For someone to see that the United States' contribution to WW2 was a joyride is a slap in the face to the families of the thousands of brave Americans who were killed in that war, including my own uncle who died in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge.

  • FC Schalke 05 at 2004-11-14

    What has this to do with comments to this voting? Judging Bush politics as economically bad and a help for terrorists – has nothing – absolutely nothing – to do with with WW2. What kind of brain does someone need to mix this up? This is harshly spoken, but a simple truth. Keep each thing on his place.

  • grade1teacher at 2004-11-14

    I agree with you. The situation today has nothing to do with WW2. Someone else mentioned WW2. I was only responding to his comments. I am an American and I did not vote for Bush. There are millions of us who do have good sense.

  • Patrick Moore at 2004-11-14

    America definantly won the Revolutionary War....and what about the Gulf War?

  • FC Schalke 05 at 2004-11-15

    Germany had Kohl with corruption, Italia has Berlusconi, now You have Bush. For me it’s not about bashing people for their national heritage (bad or good). That’s why I did write this.

  • Hjallti at 2004-11-15

    Which Gulf War did America win?
    The Iran-Iraq war looks like a draw to me (Russia-USA (in terms of weapons)).

    So you might be talking of another Gulf War...
    The one in which daddy Bush did not manage to overthrow Saddam, or the one that is still going on but were Baby Bush declared that the War was over some year ago?
    Unless you are of the same (texaco) view point as Bush that to win a war is to occupy the opponents ministery of Oil (if so you are right you the USA won a Gulf war).

    There is till only one foreign army that won in that area (which is one of the most used battlefields in history)... The Greek/Makedonian army of Alexandros 2300 years ago...

    By the way, I’m very grateful for all US, Canadian and other people the lost their lives in Flandres fields and throughout Europe which saved our continent during WWI and WWII.

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