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Can someone with 22 kyu help?
  • josep at 2004-10-31


    Can someone with 22. kyu in 9x9 Go take up the “josep” game in order to erase it from the waiting room?



  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-10-31

    There may not exist any users in the correct range, actually! :-( Our Go ranks are decimal numbers that are rounded off to the nearest integer when displayed. While it would make sense that the range 22 kyu-22 kyu shown in the waiting room would correspond to 22.5-21.5 in actual rank, it has been reported that for example 14kyu-10 kyu corresponds to 14.0-10.0, so a player would probably need exactly 22.0 to qualify to start your game. Well, it's possible that games disappear from the waiting room by themselves after a while.

  • Quetza at 2004-10-31

    one month and it will disappear

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