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wish me luck and prayers (for the believers)
  • pitirre at 2004-10-24

    this november 2 in puerto rico we are going to have our elections and their is a strong posibility that rossello (he ran the island from 1992 and 2000) can be re-elected.

    his administration was full of corruption and social tension...and now a large group of conservative freaks wants him again running the nation.

    many of his gabinet are arrested and are in the process of being arrested...like 40 persons of his administration has been accused, admitted corruption.

    the thing is that rossello felt an oportunity because the goverment we have now is kind of inept ...so he saw a “break”.

    all the statistics see him winning...im telling you, is terrible!!!

    wish me luck ...this elections, i feel, will determined if puerto rico has some of dignity, maturity and some kind of honor.

  • Hjallti at 2004-10-25

    Good luck...

  • Jupp at 2004-10-25


    You’re very courageous to say this in a public forum. I wish You best of luck possible in this affair.

  • pitirre at 2004-10-25

    well jupp, the true is that writing about it helps me to release some of the tension im feeling right now.

    even yesterday, some of the christians fundamentalist groups-ultra right-conservative freaks has declare that rossello is the chosen from god to administrate (once again) puerto rico.

    rossello even like to be called “the messiah”...

    im an atheist but even i can understand this is some kind of blasphemy.

    and u know what is more pathetic that one of his “buddies” from his administration (victor fajardo-secretary of education) that is now in prision for stealing most of the funds for education and giving it to his political party (rossello’s partty) very openly and from prision advice the public to vote for rossello...

    is incredible!!!!

    this rossello is the product of what “public relations” can do for u and how misinformation been repeatit many times can become the “truth”...

    people has short term memory

  • David J Bush ★ at 2004-10-25

    Maybe something can happen between now and then...

    Good luck

  • Alan Turing at 2004-10-26

    Good luck, pitirre.

  • Eduard at 2004-10-26

    good luck pittire.
    in nov. 28th, we’ll have ellections also in our country, I hope my favourite will win!

  • Crelo ★ at 2004-10-26

    Hey Eduard, everybody hopes their favorite will win :)

    pitirre, the question is if you have a better candidate to vote? In Romania corruption is wide spread, all I want is to change the government periodically so they do get accustomed to power :

  • Crelo ★ at 2004-10-26

    ... so they do NOT get accustomed to power :-)

  • pitirre at 2004-10-26

    creolo, that is a good question.

    i believe tha acevedo vila (popular party) is better by far than rossello (progressive party) but do u know why he is running behind rossello?
    because he is not good looking, charismatic and he looks like a homosexual...

    this is the truth!!!!!
    but i have to do a sacrifice about my ideals and vote for the popular party because they are the only one that have a chance to beat that narcisist, sychopath and "HIJO DE LA GRAN PUTA of rossello!!!!! he even cheated on his taxes and there are people who justified him!!!!! what the hell they are thinkin about!!!!!!

  • BlackLab at 2004-10-30

    Sounds like George Bush.......

  • Hjallti at 2004-11-03

    How were the elections? Here (in Belgium) in the news we only hear from elections in Ukrain (or one of the other former Soviet states) and somewhere in North-America but I forgot the name of the country =O}

  • pitirre at 2004-11-03

    thanks for asking.

    ok, here i go; pedro rossello didnt win!!!!!!!

    so, in a way this elections are not necesarily over for me...is going to be a long anguish until the last vote recount.

    that is the story by now here in puerto rico...ate least we have nice beaches and our women are the most beautiful of all.


  • Hjallti at 2004-11-04

    Hopefully the recount will be more honest then the Florida recount 4 years ago when Baby-Bush stole it there, we’re with you!

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