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Moving around of the gameboard
  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-10-23

    The one thing that really annoys me on this site (the rest is close to perfect!!!) is that the gameboard 'moves'. Like in Streetsoccer, when I have to make my move, I click on a man. Then I move the cursor to where I want to move that man, but when the page comes back the board is moved and my cursor is over another square! Often I click too soon and I have to click 'back' again to undo my move.

    Richard, can't you make the board stay in one place? Perhaps you can make the 'main menu' a fixed width?

  • tonywu at 2004-10-23

    I think the move is mainly due to top left advertisment 's height.

  • Michael Engels at 2004-10-23

    I find it more annoying if I “watch” another game. #19 #20 #21 Damn, back to #3 :).

  • klaashaas at 2004-10-23

    I agree, it's annoying and as far as I can judge it, it should be only a very minor adjusment.

    Us nagging about such small things, shows how good LG actually is! :-)

  • Michael Engels at 2004-10-23

    And if Richard wants to stop some more small nagging, he can adjust the color of the movelist in Soccer, Hex and 4-i-a-R to actually match the color of the players, start the hex19x19-championships and fix the bug that kills the tournament-starting-bot :)

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