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can players develop an obsesion with another player?
  • pitirre at 2004-10-14

    wow…i got a fan…and a pathetic one.

    could it be that a person can fell in love, have an obsesion or identified…with just a few games.

    i think some persons have too many time on their hands and sadly and “magically” imagine a frienship or a love affair with the other.

    an obsesion.

    to those pathetic and poor beings;

    get a life!

    hazte de una vida…pendejo!

  • Iluvatar at 2004-10-14

    Yes, it's possible. I've heard of some romances that started with online games. However, getting into a relationship has to be something more than just a game….

  • mmbeer at 2004-10-15

    Just wanted to tell u about what happened to me….i met this player on a othello game-site….he was cool…all wanted was to meet him…and now we live together!so it's possible! but rare, i think…

  • pitirre at 2004-10-15

    wow…that is scary.

    good luck.

  • Iluvatar at 2004-10-15

    Good luck from me too :-)

  • Syl at 2004-10-27


    From another who met her love via gaming. it can happen, but it's not the norm.

  • Peewhile at 2004-10-28

    oh! has pitirre fell in love?

    That's nice…

  • mmbeer at 2004-10-28

    i agree syl! i never believed in it, until i fixed up tasmanian devil with my best friend…now they even have a baby together! but that was kind of the other way…i fixed her up with someone i met on the net and noe ho has gotten her to play on littegolem! ain't that goooood??? And i reallly hope i wasn't found pathetic the time i wanted to meet the one i admired!anyway he fell for me!! :-DD

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