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Chess bug?
  • Adrian Petrescu at 2004-10-02

    I'm new to Little Golem. I entered a few chess games, and I'm noticing something VERY strange. On turn 2. (aka, move 3 and 4), white always gets to go twice! This happened to me when as white and as black. It was very strange seeing my opponent make two moves in a row and even stranger for me to see that it is still my turn in a game I just made a move in.

    Here's an example:

    Why was my opponent able to play f4 and fxe5 one after the other? I did not pass. The same thing happened in a few other of my chess games (all on the same day). Is this a bug?

  • Leif at 2004-10-02

    It is a bug in the Monthly Cup which this month for the first time is a thematic tournament, Kings gambit. Look in the chess forum. What is also very strange is that this game has not been bitten by the bug:

  • Adrian Petrescu at 2004-10-02

    Yes it was. That game's move ..2. is Nf3, by white!

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-10-03

    And what with this bug?

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2004-10-04

    Game were restarted. I am sorry for a bug.

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-10-04

    Thanks Richard:)

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