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LG slow?
  • Ronald Lokers at 2004-09-28

    Is it just me or is LG become terribly slow these last few days?

  • Mikko Saari at 2004-09-28

    Yeah, it is for me too. This page to 11325 ms to generate (a record so far), but I've had to wait for longer times for faster-generated pages, too.

  • Hjallti at 2004-09-28

    me too

  • XMan at 2004-09-28

    Right, slowdown is noticeable

  • Pawel Grabowski at 2004-09-28

    yes, i've got this problem too :(. sometimes i must wait almost 1 minute for sending move. is this problem will be solved soon? i hope so.

  • Hjallti at 2004-09-29

    In fact it is funny… go back in time (like 50 years or 300 years), tell someone you get within a minute response to the question “Who on earth has moved in a game against me?” from 20 different countries and 4 continents, and add that you think it is slow… :-)

  • Pawel Grabowski at 2004-09-29

    that's good ;) but i'm happy to live in 21st century and feel lucky to have littlegolem :) especially when it works fast again. Thank you Richard :)

  • KoolKid at 2004-10-16

    Wat he said.

  • KoolKid at 2004-10-16

    Wat he said.

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