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new championships
  • Hjallti at 2004-09-23

    Has anybody an estimate on when you championships start?

    Will there be a chmpionship in hex19?

  • Hjallti at 2004-09-23

    It has to be 'new championships' rather than 'you championships'

  • Krzysztof (Chris) at 2004-09-23

    Probably it will be… I think Richard is waiting for big amount of tournaments finished to get rather true rankings of players for putting them toleague groups

  • na_wspak at 2004-09-24

    about 19x champs it was discussed here

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-09-24

    Maybe so but now there seems to be an answer here. :p

  • Hjallti at 2004-09-24

    Okay, oct 1st hex19 will start.

    (the point of posting this here and not in other forum is NOT to have to check all forum if I wanna of whether SOME champs start…)

    Any others comming?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-09-24

    The TwixtPP championship should start in about two hours. :-) Currently there are only a few groups unfinished in Chess, GWG and Gomoku (but I don't know how long the remaining games will drag out).

  • Hjallti at 2004-09-29

    So I checked myself… I counted the games or groups to finish:


    hex19 on oct 1st

    games to go:

    gmk 1 game, deciding second place

    chess 5 games (Among which the championship game!)

    gwg 5 games (all in top league, incl champmatch)

    groups to go:

    rev10 : 7 groups

    go19 : 8 groups

    amazons: 9 groups

    hex13 : 10 groups

    dvonn: 10 groups

    go9 : 11 groups

    dots : 11 groups

    twixtPP : 11 groups

    4ir : 12 groups

    go13 : 14 groups

    rev: 17 groups

    soccer: 17 groups

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-10-15

    What happened to the hex19 championship ?

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