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Game delays...inactive players...
  • A. Massey at 2004-08-31

    Just an idea… Has any thought been given to eliminating vaction days for monthly cup AND/OR Championship tournaments only. This way those that wish to remain casual about their game play (and use vacation days) could continue participating in Rating Tournaments while allowing those who play frequently to maintain a standard of consistent gameplay. I am of the opinion that if one is to enter a tournament, they should be willing to participate on a regular basis, lest they delay the result for more active players…

    just a thought…

  • Hjallti at 2004-09-08

    I like the vacation policy here (allthough I never used my full 20 days)

    I have given a lot of thought on vacation policy (see numerous threats from 2002 onwards) which is as good as the one here and eliminates long waits, and your idea is certainly not what I would like to see.

    Note the champ and MC are the two tournament types you don't know when you have to play (in both a new round starts a some point in the future). When I subscribe for either I would want to be almost sure it won't interfere with real life to much. Suppose you planning a holiday in December. Would you subscribe for a MC now? Chances are not so small that some next round falls partly in December…

    If you want to play games without vacation policy you should play on other sites.

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-09-08

    I couldn't write it better. I agree totally( with the answer).

  • pik at 2004-09-08

    I think holidays are not so much slowing games. It can make MAXIMUM 20 days for round in level of chamionship or MC. I think this system is best I know on net servers. It CAN haapen that you must go and have not time to write to all opponents.

    So , because real life should be more important, this system is BEST.

    Worse is problem that one-two most slowest games block next level… Despite that there is no influence of this games for table of tournament. But ther is no just solves I think…

    So - keep this kind of holidays!

    i play BACKGAMMON on dailygammon. I went for 14 days holidays. i lost all but one games…

    Do you really want to win NOT becouse you are better but becouse smb had to go away ???

    Best wishes.

    i want to play fairly! And not too much disturbing smb's life.

  • Eddie at 2004-09-14

    I vote for keeping the actual system. It allows people to go on with their lives, and the delays aren't that important an issue imho.

  • A. Massey at 2004-09-14

    I stand corrected….



  • Hjallti at 2004-09-16

    Aaron, I'm impressed that you take the time to say you stand corrected. Anyhow I also had thoughts on vacation policy, like earning vacation days by playing… if a player signs in the first month he doesn't get 20, but after a while playing he gets it… but if that will change a lot, i'm not sure at all. Anyway, Aaron, thanks for your reply

  • Jonatan Rydh at 2004-09-16

    I beleive the problem with vacation days is new players that are temporarly curious about the site or a particular game, join a tournament, make a move or two and then forgets/dont care about following up on their moves. I like your idea about newly registred players have to play a certain time before earning vacation time. Maybe a completed tournament would be enough.

  • Marius Halsor at 2004-09-17

    Players who time out are very seldom cause for delay. It takes maximum 30 days from they stop playing till they los on time. Most tournaments take much longer time than that. What realy delays the tournaments, are very slow players who plays a move every 36 hours and never resign.

    Every tournament takes as long time as the longest game. If there is to be made any change, I support the thought of starting the next round of monthly cups as soon as all WINNERS of the first round is determined, regardless of any unfinished games that won't affect the overall result. This idea cannot be translated to the championship, unfortunately, since there will be promotions and demotions, and the entire standing is important.


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