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My opponent has time -88!
  • Zeycus at 2004-08-28

    I may not understand how the time system works in LG. How is possible that my opponent has time -88 in my game

    206058. Should I report it to the admin?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-08-28

    The problem is exactly that the adminis is on vacation - see this thread. Only he can restart the bot when this happens. He's supposed to come back today (Saturday), but with 3 hours to go of Saturday, there's still no sign of him.

    Here is an example of a game where one player has -127 hours currently. :-)

    The Amazons championship is being delayed because of this. Moi should have lost this match on time several days ago, but got +36 hours after making a move last night.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-08-28

    Hmm - not it works, apparently! I should have waited one more minute. :-)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-08-28

    not -> now

  • Zeycus at 2004-08-29

    Thank you very much for your detailed answer, TD :-)

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